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Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year Prophecy 2015

God has given me a Word for 2015. Entwined in that is some particular words for The Gambia and my children and others that I am working with there. But I would like to let you in on a principle that will benefit you!

Apostle Bobbie Jean Merck always taught this: If someone receives a Prophecy, and it particularly ministers to your own heart, if you reach out in Faith and latch on, you may also partake of that Blessing, by reason of your Faith and submission to the Word given. So, that being said, I am releasing this Word, in totality, including the Word for Gambia. Be Blessed and walk it out to God's Glory. Amen.
This is the word that God has given me for the year 2015. As with any word I give, I give it with much humility and trepidation. So. please know that I have listened to what He has had to say and I’m challenged and now I challenge you.

Take off your shoes! As you enter into the New Year, I heard the Lord saying “take off your shoes. You’re standing on Holy ground!”
You’ve been seeking to do things, and you have had some success, but you are entering into a new arena. WE are entering into a new arena. What has worked before will not work here. What you have known will not be enough.

Even as Joshua met with Me, and my sword was drawn, it is drawn once again. It is time for a fresh circumcision of the heart. Your shoes represent your walk, both with Me and in this world. It represents mode, method, methodology, many things…
Even as I told Peter his feet needed cleansed from defilement, so too, you’ve been defiled by your journey. [Through this world] Remove those shoes!

Be free of your past; your past mistakes, your past efforts, your past way of doing things. Your shoes represent your lifestyle (my impression – may have been just for me, but it was that the lifestyle needs to change) your mode, your method of doing… You DON’T stand, and you WON’T stand in your own wisdom and your own strength! Do not rely on things of the past; they will not work where I am taking you. Take off your shoes.

Come face to face with Me. Let My Sword, My Word divide asunder, thoughts, intents and soul and Spirit. I Am doing a new thing in you, for you and through you! So, in you, for you and through you. This will require you to “be still and know.” Do not run ahead of Me in presumption. I will show you step by step. New ways produce new things.

But come into this New Year free of regrets, free of past problems, and free of man-made solutions. Let Me cut away all disappointment, fear and disillusionment. This is Holy Ground where I AM meeting with you One on one. So, again I say. Take off your shoes.

To Gambia I see a well-worn plough handle, an old fashioned wooden plough. It is sitting with blade on hard ground. You have worked amid frustration, disappointments… For some of you, you have stopped ploughing altogether because you are so weary. But your tears and your prayers and your efforts have not been in vain. I see corn! Tender shoots about 8 inches tall, bright green in color. It is time to tend your garden and nurture the coming harvest. Seeds that have long lain dormant are sprouting! There WILL BE a harvest in 2015. But only if you protect your fields in prayer, water it in love and and speak life. Don’t pluck up your seeds now! Especially, with negative words. Stay the course! You WILL reap. But to do so effectively and efficiently, you must change methods. You must let go of “the same old, same old.” That old plough is not going to work very well much/any longer. Embrace what I Am about to do and get ready to be astonished!

Love is the key to unlocking the door: Love ME and love your fellow man.
Take off your shoes and dance with Abandon the Dance of Wild Love and let ME refresh you. Drink deep of the waters of My Presence, My Spirit, My Love and be re-saturated and refilled. I am about to do a new thing and you WILL see it springing forth, says the Lord. Amen.