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Thursday, March 7, 2013

March News and Resurrection Greetings!

I bring you Easter Greetings from my family in Gambia and on behalf of the Idah brethren and especially the Supreme Faith Ministries, under the leadership of Rev. Christy Usman, a strong  and resolute woman of God with a dogged  commitment and passion for souls and Kingdom advancement.
To us the Igala people from Idah in Kogi state of Nigeria, we are at a threshold of new beginnings, the spiritual atmosphere of Idah itself is charged and set for the prophetic move of God over the land.

The hearts of the people are set and it is also most exciting that for the first time we are going to have an American speak in our church. Mama  Nancy's visit to the Igala land: Idah is not  just an ordinary thing. To us in Idah, it goes to show how much love exists in the body of  Christ, that a white woman (called in the  Igala native language... Enefu) meaning a White person, will leave all the way from Maryland USA to a Black rural area like Idah  to bring the prophetic word of lifting to the lives of the people in the land.  

It is not a coincidence that Mama's coming is also during the Easter period. This to us speaks of a paradigm shift in the realms of the Spirit.  Easter is about the resurrection from death to life and we strongly believe that, anything dead around our lives will encounter the resurrection power of Jesus as we receive God's choicest servant in our land- My mama...  Rev Nancy Minor.  I send these Easter greetings to all of you, but with special love to my Mama from Your Precious.....Priest Gideon Adaji.  Love you Mama.   *~~~~~*~~~~~*
Hi Mother,

I’m so excited about the Conference Theme you’ve been working on and I foresee a great breakthrough indeed. I’m excited to be a part of what God is about to do in the land and it’s a privilege indeed.  I believe that concerning your mission trip to Nigeria things will work fine and even better than we can plan. Glory to God for the Open Doors He's given you to Nigeria once again. Christ shall be exalted. The Lord has sent you this way for a sacred purpose that is so dear to His heart and His name shall be greatly glorified, as He backs you up with His power. Amen. The Lord will surely confirm His word with signs following in Jesus’ name. Thanks, Mother. See you soonest. Love You!  Your Son,  Olu  P.S.  I send these greetings to all of H n H partners and friends:  “We’re excited to rcv Mama Nancy in Nigeria once again after a long while. I’m excited to be called upon to minister alongside again here in Africa.  D heavens r opened!  May the Joy of this glorious season of Easter b yours in much every way. (sic)  D Resurrection power of Jesus ramify all aspects of ur life in Jesus Name. Shalom!  Rev. Olufunsho Omidiran   


 Apostolic greetings in the name of our soon coming king Jesus the son of the only living God. It's with gladness of hearts we write to let you know we are so excited about Mama’s coming to Nigeria and mostly to fresh oil ministry international your home church here in Lagos Nigeria. You are the strong reason why this church has Come to stay. Your motivation over the years is second to none as we have stay focus because of your counsel. Mama Nancy as you are fondly called by all your children around the world, we can’t wait to pick you up from the airport for our Easter revival starting in March 28-31 in Lagos fresh oil ministry international church. Always stay strong in The grip of His love.

To all the saints around the world we say thanks you for staying with us. Thank you, for praying and parting with Mama Nancy Minor . This is a season that proceed our redemption hence, our hands are on the plough until Jesus appears. We have pledged allegiance to the course of Christ. 

Apostle psalm okpe   Fresh oil ministry international church.

Dear Friends and Partners,
Happy Easter greetings from India. We are pleased to wish you a miraculous and happy Resurrection Sunday.  God is doing great and mighty things in India.  A great harvest of Souls has begun in India, I am very happy to say a big thanks for your prayers and standing with us in faith. Particularly, my hearty thanks to Hearts and Hands ministries for supporting us all through these years.
May God richly bless you...   Lord's,   Titus Ananda Kumar and family.  Harvest Mission, India.

Greetings and love, wishing you a great resurrection season.  This time of the year the testimony of HIS resurrection speaks volumes to us as a church no matter what we are going thru there is HOPE!!  May d faithful God turn whatever situation you are going thru spiritually, financially, socially, etc.   Thanks 4 your support and love.  God Bless You!  Happy Resurrection Sunday.  Love,  Pst. Benjamin & Family, Jesus Christian Center  Busega (Kampala) Uganda and all our branch churches too!  P.S. Plz pray for our monthly crusades! Thank you. 


 Dear Ones, I bring you this Easter message. I trust it will bless you!

When Israel had wandered for forty years in the wilderness, the time came for them to possess what God had promised them.  Led by Joshua they approached and camped for 3 days this side of their promise, this side of “breakthrough.”  Some of you have been in the wilderness and you have approached your promises from God, but you are yet camped this side of “breakthrough.”  I declare the season has come and it is time for you to follow Your High Priest Jesus as He leads you through the things that the enemy has over run in your life. The swollen banks of your Jordan are no match for Our Mighty God!  Lift high the shield of Faith, raise up the Banner of Victory, for your time of Breakthrough has come!  Believe it and Receive it and step into that Jordan and walk on to your promised land in Jesus Name.  Amen! Glory to God! Give Him the Honor due His Name and lift up a SHOUT of Praise to the only wise God and soon coming King! Hallelujah! Amen.

Let Tom and I also add our chorus of Easter greetings and Resurrection Day Joy!  Thank-you for your prayers and support and all that you have done towards this fast approaching mission trip!  All I can say is that I am humbled the Body of Christ and by the great big loving God we serve. Thank you so very much from a heart that is set on His Will, nothing more, nothing less, nothing else. Amen!

Please do keep us in your prayers. I leave for Nigeria, March 27th and return to USA on April 17th. Glory to God!  God Bless you and keep you and cover you with His Grace.


Nancy, Tom and the Board of Directors
Thank you!