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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January news Things not Seen

Dear Family of God,

   We wish you a Happy New Year!  God gave me a word for 2013 which I want to share with you.

Word for 2013

“Look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for not all is as it seems.”

 As I was contemplating 2013 and asked the Lord for a word… that is what He spoke to me.  I thought about and had a few snapshots in my mind of all these different scenarios that were playing out and what things look like in the natural…   But God’s Word spoke to my heart that there are many things in front of us.  Some are good and some are bad.  But, we cannot walk by sight, or by how we feel. We cannot even use our senses to tell what is really real, for the master deceiver wants to paint a picture so bleak, that we as Christians won’t even open our mouths to speak. But we must speak the Truth of God’s Word.  We must stand on the promises that have always stood. We cannot let go, or draw back now!  We cannot fail to be with Him at the bow.  For though it looks like it, and well you may think, but our ship will not sink, as long as the helm is held by the Masters firm and steady hand. So, it is time to stand! Stand upon your watch to see.  See those things that cannot been seen except by the eye of the Spirit as though in a dream.  So stretch out in Faith, dare to believe, that He has given to you what you will need. So now just receive.

Many things are presenting themselves to us, and a great deal of it is in the form of bad news.  2012 has had some disappointments in it and our hope we seem to lose.  Indeed people made promises they could not keep, problems and sorrows seemed to have grown so deep!  Bad things happened with the threat of more in store.  Economic troubles make us want to go hide and just shut the door!  Things heating up in the Middle East, will the drama never cease?  Evil forces want to take Israel down, want to wear her blood like a victory crown.  Israel is not the problem, so don’t cast your blame, for these forces want America’s downfall just the same. The Great Satan they jeer, we don’t want you here! It is the lifelong battle of darkness and light.  But the struggle will not be won only by Power and Might.  It is Spiritual for those who have eyes to see, the natural reminds us of our own mortality.  It all comes down to choices, and what will you choose?  More lies to swallow with more to lose.  Or, trust the light of One you cannot see.  Step out of Babylon’s bondage and finally be free!  The world is a place of wonder and delight, but the world system that runs it, is full of chicanery and fright. So do not look for answers there, the world has nothing which can compare with the Matchless Beauty, The Sovereignty, Truth and Light found in the Heart of God, or the Love which burns so Bright. Jesus is STILL the Answer for the world today. Don’t listen to the nay-sayers or give heed to what they say. Yes, things out there are dark, and the darkness will get only darker still. But now is the finest hour to be a light shining on a hill!  Will you take that upward climb?  Will you, all the follies of this world resign? Truly let your light shine!  When you have given it all to Jesus, then you are living with nothing to lose. So do not fear to come up near, to that old rugged cross so dear.  Divest yourself of all that holds you back, from running fully on that glorious racing track.  Do not look at what you can see, step out in Faith and Trust In ME!

2Co 4:17  For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory;

2Co 4:18 (AMP)  Since we consider and look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen; for the things that are visible are temporal (brief and fleeting), but the things that are invisible are deathless and everlasting.

Two men of God have spoken to me and told me what they hear about 2013.  Pastor Rusty Bowles has told me it will be a Year of Activation.  Many things will get activated.   Pastor David Carey has said it will be a Year of the Holy Spirit.

Do you see how these two fit together? As we give place to the Holy Spirit and allow activation of our faith and gifts for His service, the Holy Spirit will step in to move through us, move upon us and for us.

Glory!  It is time for a glory invasion. It is time for God’s Presence through His power and signs and miracles to be so in evidence upon this earth!  We have had enough of mediocrity.  It is time for the sons of God to come forth!  Problems present themselves, begging for answers and solutions. We have the Answer!  His name is Jesus. He is the only one who can free us. So be free from the cares of this world. The tyranny and demands that do not belong to us. Truly God cares for us and is our ample reward and our shield. So loose any fear, rise up, be healed, be whole, be still and know! Know that I AM GOD!  Hallelujah! Amen!

I sent this word to the Pastors and ministers God had put into my care, but it can be yours also- just believe and receive it!

I release this Word to you:  May you rise up in the strength of HIS Might, Be strong and Courageous and conquer every devil set against you.  I pray His Wisdom be yours, His strategies be revealed to you, and His unlimited provision to flow from His place of blessing, to you.  I speak Apostolic Blessings over you now in Jesus Name.  Rise up, Be strong and Courageous. Meet your adversities head on with renewed confidence and energy. Stay your course and Win. Victory is in sight, if you see it by the eyes of Faith! !  ~x~x~x~  ~x~x~x~  ~x~x~x~  

Due to network problems overseas and phones gone bad, I have not been able to reach Pastor Ben or Titus, nor have I received any recent emails.  So, field reports are delayed this month.  Tom and I packed 8 boxes of goods for Benjamin and they are at JFK right now. The shipper is awaiting our payment.  We need $500.00 more to finish paying for the shipping.  I call it forth and receive it in Jesus Name!

Ola is busily preparing for “Gospel Rocks Christmas 2013.”  There is so much to do! Venue and sponsors must be found, artists contacted, and rehearsals in June somewhere in Los Angeles, for the many voiced Gospel Choir!  It is quite exciting!  Prayer points for him: for wisdom and know how, Divine connections, Favor and supernatural funding for this project. Thank you!


Even as Jesus told the man to stretch forth his withered hand (look not at what you see) and he did and was made whole, I say to each of one of you to “Stretch Forth in 2013!”   Thank you for your love and support for all of 2012 and reaching with us to touch the World!    God Bless you mightily in the coming year, and thank you for standing with us again this year.


Nancy, Tom and the Board of Directors

Address for Donations:


P.O.Box 121

ELK MILLS, MD.21920-0121