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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter 2012 April Newsletter

Dear Friends, 
   I greet you in the lovely Name that is above all Names, the One who keeps our days and numbers the very hairs on our head!  The One whose Victory we celebrate and partake of, every day that we live!  It is because of Jesus, we can face tomorrow. It is because of Jesus we have comfort in time of sorrow.  It is because He Lives, we can live as Priests and Kings.  All Honor goes to Jesus Christ, the Giver of Live and beautifier of all things!  He calls us each by name and empowers us, that His Good News, we may proclaim.  He died and rose again, making a way for new life to begin and rescued us from the dungeon of sin.  Jesus. There is no other Name, whereby men can call out and be saved. Forever He is the same-Our constant intercessor and friend. The One who will never leave us, but be there ‘till the end.  Jesus, He is our Saviour, and soon coming King!  The Glorious Bridegroom who makes my heart to sing!  This is HE the Great I AM. And everybody’s gotta know, who Jesus is…
  I pray that He manifests Himself to you and shows Himself strong on your behalf this blessed Easter season.  May every tradition of man and stronghold be torn down and eradicated to allow for free flow of His Love and Presence into your hearts.  May you find new hope and fresh fire burning alive in your hearts and a renewed desire for the deeper things of God.  Make room for the Glory in your hearts and lives.  He has promised to pour it out in a greater measure than ever before. I believe we are going to be astounded at what God has planned!  We at Heart n Hands desire to be vessels of Honor that He can pour into and pour through upon others…and I trust that is your heart’s cry also.   We wish you a Glory filled Resurrection Day and the year to be filled with anticipation and God happenings.  We love you! Happy Easter!  Many reports and greetings await you below!

Dear Friends and Partners,
Happy Good Friday and Easter to you from Titus and Family, in
India. We wish you a great Good Friday and a blessed Easter this year. We pray that God may deliver you from all that hinders you from receiving His best.  May God manifest His resurrection power in all the areas of your life, in family and your work. Especially as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, may his resurrection power quicken your spirit, soul and body to serve the Living God with vigor and vitality.
Again we wish your a Great Good Friday and Happy Easter to you all, 
from India.   With Christian Love,  Titus & Family  Tamil Nadu, India
 Living by Faith in the Son of God who gave His life for us!
  P.S.  We are holding another Youth gathering and a Pastor’s Fellowship between now and shortly after Easter.  We are also working on more outreaches into the rural villages and praying in finances for another Crusade.  So far this year, we have had 736 decisions for Christ and these are documented! We are praising Him for His faithfulness, goodness, power and provision to enable us to carry the Gospel forth! Hallelujah!
~~~~~~~ ∞∞∞ ~~~~~~~
Bishop Sam Ocheja of Green Pastures  Church in Kubwa, Nigeria:
I wish all partners of this ministry a very happy Easter. May this season rekindle your love and zeal for the Lord Amen.  And I send season’s greetings to you our Mama Nancy. May the Lord increase you and enlarge your coast in the ministry.  Sam Ocheja
~~~~~~~ ∞∞∞ ~~~~~~~

Easter Greetings from London England!  We pray this letter finds you all well, and anything that isn't, the Resurrection Power of the cross can fix. 
3 Reasons to be Happy at Easter
1) He paid the price in full for all mankind. There's nothing like having a Rich Father to bail you out, when you’re in a jam!
2) He is seated at the right hand of the Father interceding for us daily. There's nothing like friends in High Places, your can even whisper and He hears you loud & clear.
3) He has a name that is above all names. That at the mention of His ROYAL, MAJESTIC, WONDEROUS. MIGHTY. AWESOME MATCHLESS SUPREME NAME every situation must bow. That's what I call walking softly, but carrying A VERY BIG STICK.  Stick your chest out this Easter.
Gospel Rocks! I'm a Believer.
  Our Best,   
Ola & Adele Oceans   
~~~~~~~ ∞∞∞ ~~~~~~~ 
Dear mom,
  Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Praise the Lord for His grace and mercy upon us all, we had wonderful outreach meeting in the far village area out of Lahore and Lord has directed us to go into Brick makers community.  By His grace we went there and they really embraced us and welcome us into their community and colony, and we shared the Love of God and word of the Lord among them .  
   This Christian brick maker’s community is doing slave labor. These humble people  work from daylight to dusk hand-making bricks for the Muslim owners. The more bricks they are able to make, the more they earn, so they require the entire  family from the youngest to oldest to work in order to produce more income. Even then, they only earn about three (US) dollar for a thousand handmade  bricks. With everyone working diligently they can produce this in a days time, so you can see the incredibly low wages they survive on.  There people cannot even purchase a Bible to read the word of the Lord. 
   Their children are not going to school because they cannot afford their education, rather they help their parents in making bricks and earning their food.  So, we have decided to open a primary school there from our ministry, and to hire a teacher for them and provide books, pencils and school uniform to make them feel like they are studying like other children of Pakistan in the atmosphere of school.  I have decided to talk to owner of that Brick yard if he is willing to provide us a room for free or on rent so that we may have school in morning and in evening for these precious and beautiful children of God.  We managed to provide them one meal on that day and distributed the Buryani ( Rice cooked with chicken) and ate with them and shared the Love of Lord. My Co workers were with me and we are believing a great future for them.  Please pray for us and for these people for the provision to run the primary school there, we need about $130 dollars per month to run primary school there. 
   We held a meeting on 10 March in in a little village. We had to be fully covered by tent and on the top of someone's house, because the muslims did not allowed us to have open meeting on the ground, but praise the Lord for all those souls who came to listen the word of the Lord and accepted Lord Jesus Christ as the personal savor and Lord.  God Bless you richly.  Your Son in Christ.   S.P.     Here's 2 pictures from the Brick Makers Community Outreach   We send Easter
 Greetings to All of you in America
 from your Christian family in Pakistan!
~~~~~ ∞∞∞ ~~~~~
Easter Greetings from Rev. Olu in Nigeria

This is Jeremiah who came unwillingly to the meeting, but then was drawn by the Holy Spirit to  the front BEFORE the altar call was even given!  
                        He was gloriously saved and filled.

My Easter Message to H and H Partners:
All glory to God for His awesome mercy. God gave the Word and bade us go. We are all privileged to be Partners together with Jesus Christ the King of kings. May the blessings brought by the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus be yours forever. 
   We value your resolve and determination to make yourself available to reach out to the nations through your prayers and financial and material support. You are blessing to this Ministry and to many folks in distant lands that you may never meet here on earth, but be assured that your sacrifice is verily noted in heaven. We love you and wish you many more brighter days. Shalom.
-Olufunso Joseph Omidiran, Nigeria
   Outreach Report
At Onueke Ebonyi State Nigeria the Lord opened to us an effectual door of outreach to the Ezza nation. The Lord gave the Word and confirmed it through signs and wonders as He broke the hold of idolatry and occult. There was a notable case of a young chap named Jeremiah who was literally thrust out of the crowd by the Holy Ghost who arrested him unconsciously and he knelt down before the podium and he gave his heart to the Lord on the second night of the Crusade. 
   We had four nights of Open air crusade and 3 morning sessions of School of Ministry for the local Pastors and Church workers. On the last day of the school of ministry we shared the relief materials we brought for the local missioners and presented them Certificates of Participation at the School of Ministry.
  On each night more souls were won to the Lord with healings and deliverance. The land was literally electrified by the Lord as the gifts of the Holy Spirit were also imparted on the partcipants at the School of Ministry. One key (personal) challenge I had in the land was the presence of old-aged women Intercessors (in their 70's, 80's and 90's). All these were available at the School of Ministry! (God Bless these Prayer Warriors!)
Plan is underway to start a Bible School in the land. The urgent need for this is so palpable because of the hunger in the hearts of the people. Please continue to pray for the total liberation of Onueke and the entire Ezza nation of Ebonyi State. Thank you. -Olufunso Joseph Omidiran, Nigeria
~~~~~~~ ∞∞∞ ~~~~~~~
Pastor Benjamin 
As you can see in these two photos, this is the far we have come so far with our branch Church construction!  Glory to God! 
  Please pray with us, as we need about $3000 USD to complete it fully.  God Bless You! Pastor Benjamin

 Dearest Partners of Heart and Hands,   
Greetings and Love from Kampala-Uganda!  We would like to thank you for all your support, both spiritual and financial. 
We are very grateful.   

This month of March, we went to a very remote area of Kikyusa, in Luwero District and we preached the Resurrected Jesus of Nazareth.

We are happy and blessed to report that over 100 souls
came to the Lord and people were healed of Asthma, chronic sicknesses and sanity restoration, plus one witch came to the Lord and we burnt a shrine. Enjoy the pictures!  God bless you and  we wish you a happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!  May Jesus guide your marriages, your homes, your finances and your very life, in all areas.  He has risen and comes to bring 
Resurrection power into your lives. Glory Hallelujah!    
Pastor Benjamin   
Jesus Christian Center and  Africa Revival Ministries
     ~~~~~~~ ∞∞∞ ~~~~~~~
Together we are touching the world for Jesus!     
Love, Nancy, Tom and the Board of Directors
Have a Blessed Resurrection Sunday!