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Monday, June 2, 2014

June Newsletter 2014

Hello All,
"David encouraged himself in the Lord." Sometimes we need to recall all the little and big things God has done for us. Some things will mean nothing to other folks, but to you they are a very personal reminder of His loving, watchful, affectionate care and oversight of you and all that pertains to you!
    Ps.103:1-5 Bless the Lord Oh MY soul and FORGET not all His Benefits... I would like to paraphrase a little and say, Bless, exuberantly thank and praise the Lord, the God of YOUR LIFE, and forget NOT all His mercies, and wonderful loving kindnesses to you, as well as all that He has provided you through Jesus Christ His Son, our risen, triumphant Savior! Bless and exuberantly thank the Lord and Name those Blessings out loud to send worry, anxiety, inadequacy, intimidation, fear, depression and defeat scattering and running away from you along with every other assignment of the enemy to harass and torment you! 
   God is good and all His plans for you are just like Him- GOOD!  Love and Hugs from me and Tom. 
Thank you for all your prayers and love. N"
    The above is a short message of love from Nancy Minor, founder of Heart and Hands Inc. You may recall from last month’s newsletter that during the month of June Nancy would be making her way to the continent of Africa and the country of Gambia. At the time of this writing, she has already begun preaching the gospel of God’s everlasting love and grace to the people of Gambia. Also during this trip, Heart and Hands Ministries - Gambia will be launched. Just look at what God and you are doing to advance the kingdom! Please pray and thank God for his constant outpouring of favor and protection that will cover Nancy. Pray also for the continuous expression of the Holy Spirit being manifested in the lives of hundreds, no thousands of souls coming forward submitting their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ.
    The wonderful thing about the scripture that Nancy paraphrased above is that the Benefits spoken of are all free. In this world of, ‘I got mine, now you get yours’ or ‘You can’t get something for nothing’, it is difficult to imagine that anyone would care enough about us to give us something for free. But thanks be to God that his ways are not our ways nor his thoughts our thoughts! Because of God’s totally unselfish, pure heart of love, he offered up his only Son as a sacrifice for us. Knowing how unkind, angry and hurtful we might be, God still choose to love us and provide a way for us to be reconciled back to him as sons (daughters).
    During the month of June, many will celebrate Father’s Day. Even if your earthly loved one is no longer living, you still have an AMAZING father God to celebrate! Who else has built a home for us (in heaven), given us sound minds, healed us when we were sick and has never sent us an invoice for services rendered? No one but Father God. Because He is pure love and our creator, He wants nothing more than to commune (live) with us and bless us. All we need do is say, ‘Okay, I accept’. Yes, God I accept and thank you for your gift of life through Jesus. Yes, I thank you Jesus for the blood that you chose to shed on my behalf. Yes, Jesus I accept your blessings of health, peace, love, prosperity and right standing with God. It’s all so much and so big, it’s sometimes overwhelming to think that God has chosen to bless us with such abundance. But chosen he has. Now simply accept the gift and say ‘Thank you.’
    In closing, please be mindful and pray for Nancy. In addition to Gambia she will have a brief speaking engagement in the United Kingdom. The Lord is using Nancy, Tom and Heart and Hands Inc. to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ across the world. Your continued financial support will also be a blessing to the ministry. You may trust that it will be used to seek out and edify the Body of Christ.
With Love, In Jesus’ Name,
Tonya C. Guinn
Heart and Hands, Inc.