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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Back from The Gambia! July Mission News 2014

Greetings and Happy Birthday to America!
Christopher Columbus felt predestined, chosen for a mission. His name, Christ-Topher ("Christ-bearer"), he felt was evidence of his destiny.  Columbus was more driven by prophecy than astronomy. He compiled a collection of Biblical passages in his Libro de las Profecias, Book of Prophecies: Proverbs 8:27, which speaks of the earth's surface as being curved; Isaiah 40:22, the spherical earth; and the ocean currents in Isaiah 43:16.5 He would later describe his discovery of the New World as "the fulfillment of what Isaiah prophesied," from Isaiah 24:15, "Isles beyond the sea," and Isaiah 60:9.6  He also would have at least suspected the existence of the American continent. In his personal library was the 1472 edition of Bibliothecae Historicae, written by Diodorus Siculus, a first century b.c. Greek historian who spoke of "a very great island many day's sailing from Africa. "  So, even in the discovering of the Americas Jewish scholars played a big part! 
God weaves so many factors and people into the making of a destiny!  Recognizing divine connections and Kairos moments are things that we must never let slip by us. In 2003 I made a phone call to a young preacher in Nigeria. Little did I know, he had traveled and left his phone with his roommate.  When that young man answered the phone instead, there was an instant quickening in my spirit and a flow of the Spirit between us. Thus a relationship was established with Gideon Eneojo Adaji, who not only became a son but is now the National Coordinator and Ministry Director of Heart and Hands, The Gambia!  God’s plans are always so much greater than we can ever imagine or first see!
Because of your prayer coverage, my trip to The Gambia was highly successful.  Indeed, God has opened wide the door for me!  We held the 3 day conference and announced the launch 
 of Heart and Hands in The Gambia, at the end, which was wildly and enthusiastically received by all present. 
Then we held a 2 day Leadership Seminar.  It was well attended by many pastors. In fact we handed out almost 70 Certificates of participation to the attendees!  The pastors all agreed this was the best organized and they clamored for another seminar, except they want it to be LONGER!
Attendees of Leadership Conference

Dancing during praise and Worship with Mrs. Kamara, the Pastor's wife and then

preaching at Victory Prayer Center Sunday AM Service

Now for the best news of all!  In just 2 short days we were able to register Heart and Hands, Inc. The Gambia with the necessary governmental offices. We are now officially recognized by the government of Gambia, as a bonafide NGO/Charitable Organization/Foundation!  We are praising God for His Favor and Kindness!

I am pleased to introduce our Board to you:  Rev. Gideon Adaji; Pres. Deaconess Clara ; Secretary, Rev. Tony Foli; Vice President, and Rev. Mark Obi; Treasurer.   Pastor Mark is Founder & Pastor of Evangel World Mission Church.  Gideon has been ministering as a Gospel Artist for 10 years with 3 CD’s released.  He will be the resident pastor of HnH.  Pastor Tony does outreach evangelism work in the villages.  He will be our assistant pastor for HnH.  Clara is currently a deaconess at Winners Chapel. God has brought passionate people with a vision to win the lost and bring in the harvest in Gambia and beyond!  I am so blessed and humbled.  We are hopeful that we can host an outreach event this Dec.  Prayers are requested.

L-R Pastor Mark, me, Pastor Gideon, Deaconess Clara and Pastor Tony

Please, PRAY for us! Our next big task ahead is to find suitable quarters for the ministry there.  If renting you have to pay for a whole year upfront! Plus possibly being subject to a muslim landlord who can dictate our usage of the land. We actually have the opportunity to buy land, with several venues available! The last venue is a nice compound owned by a Christian lady.  It is 25 meters by 30 meters or 82.0209974 Feet  by 98.4251969 Feet which Tony and Gideon inspected and said is very spacious for building a church and a residence on.  Please pray along with us for wisdom-of where to choose and that everything that is necessary for us to purchase land falls into place at the proper time!  Truly, we have launched out into the deep!

God Bless you and cause you to fulfill your destiny as you walk with Jesus each step and each day by Faith in the Son of God who loved you and gave Himself for you!  As I tell them each Sunday on the radio- “You are special and you are loved and Jesus IS Lord!”  All our Love, Nancy, Tom and the Board