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Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 2012

Dear Family and much Beloved of God,

 Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and love from Heart n Hands and around the world!  We love you and appreciate you so much!  We trust all of you are well, safe, warm and dry! The end of October found the East Coast reeling from its encounter with Hurricane Sandy. I can tell you I had phone calls and text and email messages from Uganda, London, Nigeria, Virginia, and Texas asking how we were up here.  Prayers and well wishes poured in from overseas!  It was quite humbling, and heart warming to know that despite all that is going on over there, they were tuned in to us here, and they were caring and praying for all of us!  Wow.

November is “The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.”  I have included a Prayer calendar for you to use. Please lift up our brethren! So many places indeed are under attack, especially from militant muslims!

We have a few reports to share with you and so here they are!


Mama, how are you and God's people in the U.S coping with the storm? We are standing in faith with you, Mama. 'There no plague come nigh thy dwelling.' I was revived when I read your post, “If I were the Devil.” Thanks for the post.  I am praying that God will give me wisdom to invest in souls so that even if my earthly possessions are destroyed by floods, bombs, storms, etc, I will have inheritance in heaven.  A little money can help me hold meetings in Africa where souls are hungry. So, I have made it my goal to reach Africa before it's too late for me!  Pray for me, Mama.   

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We thank God for keeping you and Papa safe through all these! To him be the glory. Mama, why I wrote [the above] is because here in Nigeria we have ongoing terrorist attacks on churches and property. We have had worst of flooding this year resulting in the destruction of thousands of houses and property. There are earthquakes, etc in divers places.  So, I realized that whatever we build here may be destroyed, but whatever I spend on souls will endure forever.  Buildings are necessary and am trying to have some, but souls are much more valuable.  I am praying for wisdom and direction to enable me invest in souls more than any other thing.  I need to value money expended on souls no matter how small.  I have had crusades in SA. My daughter, pastor Francinah, a physically challenged pastor, has just asked me to hold evangelistic meetings for her in Reikuils, So.Africa by January. But, I was not speaking of [just] SA but Africa as a whole. I am not also talking of crusades only but souls--winning and feeding souls.  More so, I have no place in mind, Mama, to go and get money for soul winning!  Although I am open to any means through which God may supply. I will always need supplies. I am just trying to have a paradigm shift in terms of use of money. I want to touch as many souls as possible before I become old or Christ returns, because the signs are telling me, we don't have much time left. That's why I said, “before it is too late.”  Hoping to hear from you Mama…


Dear Mummy, Happy greetings! Thank you very much for your phone call. I was encouraged. I greatly miss our regular chatting/text sessions.  I pray to get a working phone soon.  All our outreach programmes are going as usual without any halt or delay, but I am facing severe financial situations.  I am praying and believing God for a breakthrough.   Please agree with me in prayers.  I am expecting new doors to be opened soon for the gospel preaching.
In the meantime, I am planning to launch an exclusive prayer ministry - Harvest world prayer center. Prayer Evangelism. Through reaching youth, women, businessmen and general public. I have started to train prayer warriors to pray for the prayer requests to be received. Through follow up and further guidance we can lead them to the saving knowledge of God. I am preparing hand bills and flyers…  This has been a long time burden in my heart.
Harvest Academy, our Ministry training Institute is taking a new dimension. I am planning to launch short term courses - 45 days. Only day scholars.  And the pastors fellowship is growing here in Madurai.  We had 42 in attendance last month.  Instead of conducting the pastors fellowship in just this one single city, I really would like to travel to other cities also. One or two different cities every month, but this is yet to be finalised. 
November has come and we have started to plan for the Christmas... Do[can]we give dinner[again] to the children [want to do 450] and the widows [50] for this Christmas? We will need 27,000 Rupees [$530.00 or $1.10 ea person!] for this programme.  I expect great things from God in this Christmas Season, I mean salvations of many new souls...  Please pray for these various ministries and outreaches.  Lovingly, Titus 


Dear Mom  Greetings in His mighty name.  I am so happy to tell of my last outreach crusade held in a small village about 30 kilometers south of Lahore. We started this day as rainy day, so we canceled that meeting because it was raining all around our city and its villages. but then we received a call from pastor “Y” ( who is our local coordinator there) he told us that already many people have gathered there and are waiting for you even if it is raining little bit, so we re joined and connected to all of team members to come with in 15 min from where every they are. so all of our team member came and we started our travel at about 6:30 ( by the way it is the exact time when that meeting was schedule to start) so that place eas about 2 hours drive from us. so we were already 2 hours late. we loaded all of our equipments which we rented ( sound system, instruments) on our mini van and started traveling.  While we were half way to that place the devils attacked us , as the front tyres of our van got loose and our van started making zig-zags and was all over the road in a heavy traffic, all of us started praying as we were about to hit a heavy truck coming from front, but then suddenly the van got stop by an unseen force which is Holy Spirit. and Lord saved us for His glory and to reach others in Pakistan.

The meeting started at about 9 pm ( so late) and as I beging to preach the word of Lord, I realise that people were listening to me as they have seen some thing special, and listening the things they have never listen before. At the Alter call almost all of the crowd stood to accept Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savor and Lord. Lord spoke to some people through me and also there were 20 people who are ready to accept Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savor and Lord. One young person have received the baptism of Holy Spirit, Hallelujah.  Please always keep on praying for us all and for Pakistan field of harvest as we pray to Lord to send as many laborer to Pakistan from Abroad also. My next meeting would also be an open air crusade so please remember that in your special prayers. Looking forward to hear from you. Your son “P”

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I have  returned from my Crusade, it really was wonderful and I have not seen [as]many testimonies of Healing in any of my meetings, Glory to Lord. We have collected lots of testimonies and people coming forward to tell people about their diseases and also were telling that these diseases have gone, and they are free. Hallelujah! Many Blessings. “P”

Ben and the JCC churches celebrated “A Day of Thanksgiving,” which they hold every year, the last Sunday in October.  It was a wonderful day of the saints coming together and sharing what they had.  Ben wrote to describe the day to me:

Mama the thanksgiving we had was a bible like thanksgiving, people brought gifts which we called sacrifice of thanks, and Gave to God.   This giving part was so anointed; we all knelt before the Lord and we gave Him all that each one purposed in His heart. The glory of the Lord was all over.
Among the things brought were 3 live goats and a sheep, Banana, watermelon, money, etc.
So to keep my motive of this day pure before men and before God, I gave away most of these things to the pastors whom we know and believe are serving God whole heartedly and they took them.  I don’t want to have the greed of organizing the thanksgiving just to get things which the people bring. No way! I just want this day to be a very honorable day, full of thanks and praises to God.

In addition, we are praising God, because of God’s provision in our personal affairs.  Generous was taken to the hospital seriously ill with malaria. He was on a round of medicines through I.V. drip over night. I spoke with Grace the next morning and she said he was very weak that morning.  She was not sure they would release him. We prayed and others of you prayed as well, and a mere 6 hours later, you couldn’t tell he was sick!  He was playing with his car and smiling happily when his Daddy came to pick him up!  Then God did another miracle and someone brought Ben the entire amount needed to pay the hospital bill! Praise God!!!  Update on their house: Money has come in for the roof and it is on!  Go God!  Doors and windows will be next!

Thank you for standing with us as we stand with the Nations to see ministers/ministries raised up for Christ and their lands won to the Lord.  Consider giving your own sacrifice of thanks this month to bless these  men of God and their ministries.  
   God Bless You.    Thank you!    Praise God!

All of us are wishing you a very wonderful, blessed, prosperous, Happy Thanksgiving!