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Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas 2014 Greetings

Greetings in the most powerful name of Jehovah Hoseenu

I want to thank God that my 2014 has been of blessings and divine encouters since the very day i met you when you flew all d way from Maryland, USA to Gambia for a miracleous [7] days with God, and since then i have been from one victourious level to another owing to your prayers, counsels, and motherly care and love not forgeting the revelations i get from your radio ministration of which am the presenter

every sunday...i pray that Jehovah who

 molds us will keep replenishing the oil and anointment upon your life and ministry...mama i love you so much........... Merry Chrismass...... Christopher  Unique Radio Gambia  Christopher  Simeon

Christmas Greetings:-

Dear Mumma,
Greetings in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ in this coming Christmas and New year. .

Mumma I never meet you personally but whenever I spoke to you on phone or what'sup, or heard your preaching online.
I have experience that you speak with the power of Holy spirit. You are inspiration and blessing to me and my family.
I see you as a wonderful spiritual mother.

I thanks God for Bro. Benjamin who connected me with mumma.

This Christmas 2014 As I see the ministry you do, it's our prayers that Lord Almighty may use you mightily in the days to come more and more.
You are going to be blessing for many countries in the world.

I would like to send my Christmas Greetings to all the people who are partner with mumma in the ministry and stand with her directly or indirectly, God bless you all too.

May Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your family and ministry so much.
Love from India

Pastor Vinod Jadhev
Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

God bless the day I found you Apostle Nancy, I pray as [the] clock alwys move forward without coming back so shall you move on in yr mission. Realy befor I know you I was no body but when I know you I Am for every body.  You[r] mission has couse my risen [rising] and falling to stop. I have open this ministry Twees [twice] in deference [different] country none is brinking report again, which may have die or shut down… but when I meat you I feel as a missionary to- it is my calling and mission.  I have firs[fired]my Apostlic calling to brake ground and water them as my God given increase.  God bless as many [as] you conect me to, we wish them hapy new year. I love you all, we wish you all hapy celibration, Meri Christmax and happy new year in advance.  God bless you all in Jesus name Amen.   Apostle Israel Ibe  Ghana

Hi, this is miss Matilda Ayine from Chosen Zion, n I want to say a big thank u for all your prayers n support. May u all receive uncountable blessings come 2015.  Merry Christmas n a happy New year in advance. Stay blessed.

Chosen Zion Int’l Fire Ministries, Ghana

Dear Mama,

Greetings of the season and may the days ahead be filled with rich memories that linger long after the season is gone.
May your Christmas be bright and merry. May this Christmas be full of all of your favorite things. I am so thankful and feel very fortunate to have a great mother like you not only at Christmas but the whole year through.

Prayer for all Heart and Hands Partners: May the peace of the season bring harmony to your heart, happiness to your life and joy to your world.

The family of
Heart and Hands Church of Liberia.
  Pastor Emmanuel Bobson Davies     
Monrovia, Liberia 
West Africa

My Greetings/Exhortation: Glory to God for the year 2014 and the privilege He gave us to serve Him in the passing year. Hallelujah!
Every call to service by God is a privilege; hence you should be grateful for being counted worthy and fortunate.
Albeit, there is a constant call in the heart of the Father for LABOURERS. In fact the Lord affirms that the harvest is great and the labourers are FEW.  To me, this is a challenge: not all in church and ministry are accounted by God as labourers; for many are simply busy, pursuing their own selfish agenda.
As we step out of 2014 and look forward to 2015, we must assess our life pursuit. Whose interest do we serve.  Are we indeed labourers for Jesus?

Thank you for standing with Heart & Hands; keep it up. Wishing you a
Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year of fruitful labour ahead.
-Olufunso Joseph Omidiran-   Ibandan, Nigeria

Happy Christmas to all our beloved friends. It is a great privilege to partner with Apostle Nancy Minor as we bring the gospel to mandingo (Kunta Kinteh's tribe).
Dr. Alieu Bayo. The Gambia

Wishing our Friends and Family
A  Joyous Christmas filled with Peace, Love, and Prosperity.
Best Wishes at Christmas and for a Healthy New Year!
 -Priest Gideon & Family,
On behalf of
Heart and Hands Ministries Inc. The Gambia
Seasons greetings to our lovely mum at Christmas and new year. We the entire family of God in The Rock International Church Abuja Nigeria celebrate you and appreciate those who partner with you in ministry. Thanks for letting yourself being used of God to be a blessing to us in Africa. We love u.
Prophet Dr. Aliu Omoniyi Badmus~  Abuja, Nigeria
I want to use this opportunity to thank God Almighty and our Saviour Jesus Christ for sending His daughter Apostle Nancy E. Minor to us in this end time generation. Her coming to be a blessing to us here in The Gambia this year 2014 words cannot express the blessings and grace released during her being around, especially during the 'Journey Into Leadership' Apostolic Conference. Since then mama has become my mother in the Lord and mentor. I appreciate all those that the Lord used and still using to make her visit possible. May God in His infinite mercies continue to be merciful unto you and your entire household in Jesus. Name. Compliments of the season.  Yours in Christ, Pastor Kunuyi O. Samson and family.

As you and your family celebrate Christmas, may the PEACE AND JOY of God
fill your hearts and lives , may you be refreshed daily by His power, and lifted above your expectations in the coming. 
Rev Silas Yako. The Gambia


Calvary Greetings and love to all the family and partners of Heart And Hands Ministries. 2014 has been a wonderful year for us, we have been privileged by the Lord to reach many souls in our villages and towns and His amazing Holy Spirit has been with us to heal, save and deliver His people from all oppressions, this would be not possible without your prayer Support. On behalf of Grace and I and the entire Church family, we wish you a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year.
Love,  Ben and Grace
A Devotional , By Ola

When our boys were much younger than they are now, each time I got back home from work and opened the front door, they would rush towards me and jump at me knowing I would catch them. I would hold them both and swing them around kissing them both with excitement. Instantly, every worry or concern I had for the day would simply vanish, as I held these two precious blessings in my arms.  

They made each home coming a big deal.  I will never forget how this made me feel.  It was an explosion of excitement daily, without fail!

For every blessing, breakthrough and answered prayer in 2014, let us never forget, God still deserves
"An Explosion of Praise!"                     
For every lie from the enemy & every secret cry of the heart to your heavenly Father, let us still give Him An Explosion of Praise.

For every unanswered prayer and every valley we go through; let there be; an Explosion of Praise, in spite of our circumstances.

In every trial or mundane task at work or at home- Let there be; an Explosion of Praise, for each breath of life He has given us.
For the many escapes from accidents and tragedies averted by His mighty angels doing His bidding...Let there be; an explosion of praise (Selah )!
For the lost souls who have entered the kingdom of Heaven this year, and for the safe return of all our prodigal sons and daughters! Let there be; an Explosion of Praise.

For Gods Five-fold ministry serving for the edification & perfecting of the saints,  let there be; an Explosion of Praise.
For Him who was and is and is still to come-coming for a glorious bride! Let there be; an Explosion of Praise.

For the judgments of God that are sure & altogether righteousness beyond understanding.  Let an Explosion of Praise be heard.

Down in the valley and up on the mountain tops, across clear blue skies or in stormy weather and for when we all get beyond the great pearly gates of Heaven. Let there be an Explosion of Praise; to our Great King Jesus, Who reigns forever more, Amen.
Rev. Ola Oceans & Mrs. Adele Oceans

 Special Delivery (song)
 Never was anyone like Him, never will one be the same
Tiny babe, an Infant King, Savior, we worship and honor
the power of His Name

He came special delivery, wrapped up in love, bound by a promise, sealed by a dove
And filled with the spirit, carried by grace, you knew where He was goin',
by the look on His face

Where He went, Love was there also, where He was , Love showed the way
Those who saw, knew He was holy, and I see what they saw to this very day

Oh, He came special delivery, wrapped up in love, bound by a promise, sealed by a dove
And filled with the spirit, carried by grace, you knew where He was goin',
by the look on His face
And when I'm called I will go gladly, I will not grieve for the past
For I know where I'll be going, and I will be going to see Him at last

Final Chorus:
I'm goin' special delivery, wrapped up in love, bound by a promise, sealed by a dove 
And filled with the spirit, carried by grace, you know where I am goin', by the look on my face, goin' special delivery, wrapped up in love, bound by a promise, sealed by a dove  And filled with the spirit, carried by grace, you know where I am goin', by the look, by the look on my face   Oh! He came special delivery, wrapped up in love, bound by a promise, sealed by a dove
And filled with the spirit, carried by grace, you knew where He was goin', by the look on His face
Sung by Evie Tornquist , 1979

 My Thoughts:
Jesus came “Special Delivery” for all of mankind. But His appearing in each of our lives was a personal Special delivery to each one who has met Him and made Him their Lord and Saviour.  And even as He was carried by Grace, He carries us along in that Grace.  The song says,(rightly so) where He went Love was there also… and this Christmas, for some it will be difficult emotionally, because they have had loved ones go to where He is.  But Love in the Form of the Holy Spirit and His own sweet Presence, IS right here with you and will hold you and carry you through.

And even as they were leaving us here, I can just hear them singing this in their spirits- I’m going special delivery wrapped up in Love!  Remember Life Himself received them…   And He is here to help you to continue to live your life and lift you above the pain you may be experiencing.  You are not alone or forgotten!  Xoxox

Because Love Came, we go.  And you have sent us. Thank you.  When I first went to Africa, now over 10 years ago, He spoke something so simple yet so profound to me, just days before I left; “I’m sending you in the Power of My Love.” I say with all humility, I see this in evidence over and over everywhere I go.  Not as an accolade to me, but as a testament of His Grace and Love abounding.  Lives are touched, refreshed, strengthened and re-fired to keep going out and sharing Jesus with others. Salvations are taking place, because laborers that were already in the field were encouraged and helped.  Yet more laborers ARE needed! And more doors are opening…   All I can do is stand amazed at Him and in Awe of His Graciousness and Goodness to one Nancy Minor that He would use me! And the Grace and Steadfastness which He’s given to my husband, who lovingly supports and helps me in so many ways.

I love Christmas! Because without Christmas, there would have been no Easter! Yet, Jesus became flesh, vulnerable, helpless, dependent, trusting in parents who were in utter shock and dazed with the enormity of the assignment given with this child! He submitted to childhood, to correction and tutoring in the Torah, and book learning, and training in the skill of carpentry…   and all the while just 7 people knew who He really was… Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth and John (The Baptist) Simeon, and Anna.  Don’t you wonder at what age, what point the God Consciousness worked its way from His subconscious to His actual knowing?  Or did He always know?  God is so intimately involved in our conceptions and formation…the veil between the spirit realm of God’s Glory and our earthly tent and understanding, is really so very thin… just that so much of the world has imprinted and dulled our senses to the reality of His Presence. But children are so open and eager and trusting! Which is exactly why Jesus said, “Truly I say to you, unless you repent (change, turn about) and become like little children [trusting, lowly, loving, forgiving], you can never enter the kingdom of heaven [at all].” 
So, may you return to a childlike happiness and innocence this Christmas.  May you inhale the fragrance of the Christ whose birth we celebrate.  Really all the cooking and decorating and songs and FUN are because JESUS came and JESUS IS, and He still comes Special Delivery, daily to hearts who seek HIM.  May your year be filled with the Love and Grace that is found in The Living Son of God, The Lord Jesus Christ. This year may you experience unbroken fellowship with Father God and receive all His Gifts that He so lovingly has prepared for you in 2015: Unprecedented Manifestations of His Presence, New Realms of His Glory, and Rivers of His Grace Flowing in your life. In Jesus Name, Amen. God Richly Bless You!

Tom and I so appreciate each of you.  You words, your smiles, your prayers, your love and encouragement, and of course every sacrificial gift you’ve given to the work of the ministry.  From all of Heart n Hands, wherever we have reached and touched and now are touching, we all say a collective, THANK YOU and pray you have a Love filled Christmas full of special deliveries of His Presence and His Grace, Goodness, Love and Care.  And a New Year that is beyond your wildest dreams!   Just saying!

 Cuz, We LOVE You!   
Merry Christmas with Love!