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Friday, December 23, 2011

Our Christmas Wish for You

May the Presence of Christ 
be in your Christmas,and all year long, 
bestowing His gifts of Love, Joy and Peace 
into your hearts and lives, filling you to the overflow!
Love, Tom and Nancy
Merry Christmas! 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Greetings 2011

Hi Mother, here are my greetings/appreciation to all the friends and partners of H&H:
Beloved Friends and Partners of Heart & Hands, we want to appreciate you for your continual support for this great work. You may not yet realise the tremendous impact of your labour of love upon Churches and families in remote parts of the earth! May the Lord reward you greatly. Wishing you a Merry Christmas & a Happy and Prosperous year 2012.  Thank you!
LIVING SWORD MINISTRIES INT'L (Healing unto the Nations)  
Dear Friends and Partners, 
Warm Christmas greetings to you and your family from India. I Pray may God richly bless you with the spirit of Joy as we celebrate the Gift of God, the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I have great pleasure in saying 'thank you' for all that you have said and done for this ministry in India, without which we could not have done what we have done for the sake of Christ. Thank you again for standing with us in reaching the lost. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year! In Christ, Titus Ananda Kumar & family Apostolic Revival Ministries
Tamil Nadu, So. India
Dear Mama, may the blessing of this season which commemorates the birth of our Saviour be with you and all yours now and Always Amen.  Wishing you a Glory-on-CHRIST filled Christmas- HE is the reason for this season.  Stephen Bello & Family  (Pastor in Chatworth, UK)
Greetings to you all who stand with Mum, it is through your support that Mum is able to minister to us spiritually and also financially. I am now a better pastor, my family and church are not the same again. We appreciate all that you are doing for Mum and Heart n Hands. May the Almighty God bless you!  Also have a Merry Christmass and a Happy New Year,
Pstr Sammy Mbuchi  Nakuru, Kenya.
Glory be to God for your life and ministry. You have been a tremendous source of blessing and encouragement to us. We wish you (and all of the partners with you) a very happy Christmas and new year. Bishop Sam Ocheja
of Green Pastures Assembly Abuja, Nigeria

Dear Mama, I highly appreciate the support we have received from our partners. I wish them a MERRY CHRISTMAS,HAPPY & PROSPEROUS New Year 2012.  Blessings n Love,
Rev. John Erick Wandera, Gospel Time Evangelistic Ministries, Nambale, Kenya
Christmas Greetings from Pakistan! Thank you for all your labor of love and support.  Please remember to pray for us and we also pray for the United States that she continue to be a beacon of Light and hope in sending forth the Gospel.  Thanks for supporting Mom and Heart n Hands in the work they are doing around the world.  Pastor P

Godly Greetings to all Heart n Hands friends and ministry partners, from Gospel Rocks Ministries! Adele and I wish you great joy at Christmas.  The birth of Christ was a time of new beginning for all mankind.  Christ gives us all an Everlasting Hope that transcends race, religion and all earthly things.  May the Father of Hope and God of all comfort fill your hearts to overflowing this Christmas with His Love, Peace & Spectacular Joy! 
Mr. & Mrs. Ola Oceans  London, UK
I just want to encourage you that you are doing a great work in partnering with H& H in supporting and working with us to wins souls for the Kingdom.  Thank you so much for helping us to Proclaim the Gospel.  God Bless You and We wish you  a very Merry Christmas!  We send our Love, Pst. Benjamin and Grace Tabingwa, and children-Gabriel, Anointed, Honour, Victorious, and Generous and all the Church Family at Jesus Christian Centre.
Thank you for all your support and love through out the year. Together we are more than imprinting the world with His Love, we are helping to establish and raise up leaders world wide who are taking the Gospel to the peoples of the earth!
Any gifts you sow will help us grow the Kingdom of God and meet various project needs, so, we thank you in advance!
In this time of uncertainty in the world, please remember the REASON for the season: JESUS, who came to bring the best gift of all, Himself, sacrificed for each of us.  Let HIS LOVE truly be in our hearts, HIS WORD be on our lips and our rulebook, HIS LIGHT our guide, HIS PEACE our covering, HIS JOY our strength, HIS MERCY extended, and HIS LIFE and RIGHTEOUSNESS our own.  After all, that is why HE came!  (And, that is why we GO!) God Bless You and Keep You and give You a Wonderful CHRISTMAS and a Bright, Hopeful and Happy New Year! God Bless all our Military Personnel too! 

Love and Christmas Blessings to you from,
Nancy and Tom,
and the Board of Directors Heart n Hands and
all of the ministers/ministries overseas.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

November Greetings 2011

Greetings from Heart n Hands!
I thought I’d give you some history to how we got started! When we first started, Tom and I were mostly doing humanitarian aid. Tom came home from a mission trip with Josh McDowell with a “Honey, can we do” list.  Could we ship used clothes and aspirins and vitamins?  Could we get this and that together? People donated all kinds of goods.  We had bags and bags of clothes and goods in our den and living room!  We boxed and boxed and paid for shipping ourselves!  Tom made countless trips to Philadelphia to ship through a company that specialized in the Baltic States.   Many have helped us along the way in many facets and dimensions and we are so very grateful for the prayers, counsel, insight and support!
 Currently, we are updating, and making a few changes that more fully embrace the direction that God is taking us. We are still doing humanitarian aid, but I find that my role has changed completely and I spend much more time guiding, counseling, encouraging, praying for and speaking into people’s lives than I do gathering goods!  Tom still oversees our humanitarian efforts, and we will be sending Christmas for some kids and pastors overseas as well as some other projects as God speaks to us.
I’m very excited about how things are just expanding rapidly with our mission work in India !
Pastor Titus started a Ministerial Fellowship two months ago. The first month he had 4 or 5 attend. The next month 12 attended.  I spoke at each of these gatherings via email messages, which Titus translated. They had teaching, prayer, and a time of fellowship over a meal provided by Pastor Titus’ ministry.  Three days after the 2nd meeting Pastor Titus texted me with tremendous news.  He had an avalanche of requests to join the fellowship!  Over 150 applicants were calling or texting him, asking to be included!  This spans a total of 6 major cities from the east to west side  of the State of Tamil Nadu .  Titus is seeking sponsors to sow into the lives of these ministers by helping to pay for meals for them, and his traveling expenses to each city.  He is immediately implementing “distance learning” to equip further, these men and women of God, many of whom have little formal training. Will you pray and seek God?  Is He speaking to your heart to be one of these sponsors?  India must be saved and the time is now!
Rev. Olu had a marvelous time of ministry in UK .  Many were strengthened and encouraged by the Word of the Lord and his ministry.  He has texted to say he has arrived back home in Nigeria safely.  He is filled with expectancy, waiting for the Lord to unfold next steps and open doors for ministry to some places in Africa, including Benin Republic again and Kenya .
The Pastor in Pakistan has been in touch.  Communication lines have been down because of enforced blackouts by the government due to lack in the infrastructure, so that has made it difficult for him to communicate.  Please keep Pakistan in your prayers and pray for the believers who are under severe persecution. As well as many suffering from the flooding that has been there.
November 13th is Day of Prayer for the Persecuted.  Please mark your calendar and, if your church doesn’t have a program for it, then, please, YOU pray and lift up our persecuted brethren. 
This Christmas, we want to feed 200 orphans and 180 widows in India, Pastor Titus and family, several families in Uganda including Pastor Benjamin’s, and 2 pastors in Kenya and their families, the Pastor in Pakistan, as well as Pastor Olu and his wife and 4 children.  Even though our news tells you how bad things are here, we are still a blessed and rich nation and with everyone doing a little bi, it goes a long way in these countries due to current favorable Rates of Exchange for the American dollar. Please help us to bless those on the front lines of advancing the Gospel. Without the missionary or minister, there is NO ministry! SO, please let’s remember these and bless them and those that they reach out to day to day.  Thank you.
Pastor Benjamin in Uganda tells me that they too are experiencing blackouts because of power shortages and there are rising food prices also.  In spite of this, he texted that he was having a Sunday of Thanksgiving and asked me to write some words for the church folk and visitors.   Below is some of what God gave me to share:
“Greetings and much love to all of you!  As you celebrate your day of Thanksgiving, I would like to add some thoughts to the day.
  • We can always find reasons for gratitude when we have the right attitude.
  • If we look at the glass as half empty rather than half full... it will never be enough because we are looking from a view of lack and not with joy for what we have.
  • Grumbling spreads a rumble of dissatisfaction and spoils the goodness around you.
  • A tightly closed fist indicates a pinched and tightly closed stingy heart.
  • When we open our hand to give, it opens our heart to receive.
·       A SMILE warms the world around you- starting with yourself.

I pray your nights and days are warmed with His Love, and filled with His Goodness and Grace.  May you always find a song in your heart, a smile for your lips, and God by your side.  I send you my love, and share in the joy of your day.  All my love and prayers…”
That is my prayer for your day of Thanksgiving as well.  May God enrich you and bless you over and above and beyond your expectations.  May you be so full of Him that you can’t help but spill over onto others! 
The Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Love of our Father and the Communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen.

FYI: Nov. 23rd, I will be participating in an ecumenical Thanksgiving Church Service for the Community sponsored by the local ministerial fellowship here. 
God Bless each one of you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 
Nancy, Tom and the Board of Directors
Donations may be made out to:
P.O.Box 121

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Welcome to our Mission News and Updates. 
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I am so excited beyond words
to share with you all that GOD is doing!
Keep in mind, there is much going
on in the Spirit realm before we see it
manifesting in the natural. 

Why do I say that?  Simply to
encourage you to KEEP on PRAYING,
into your situations and they
WILL turn around. 

You may email prayer requests to us,
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