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Sunday, December 9, 2012

CHRISTMAS GREETINGS 2012 From Around the World

Dear Ones,
Here we are~in December!  How the year has flown by!  But God has faithfully kept each one of us. Let us be reminded of His unconditional Love, His unwavering commitment to each of us, and His steadfast Grace to carry and see us through any situation or circumstance that we may find ourselves in.  Hallelujah to the Only One who is Worthy of all our praise and adoration!  It’s Christmas!  The time we remember that LOVE HIMSELF came down to walk among us.  Love came down to thrill our hearts and fill our souls with Divine connection and reason and purpose that is only found in HIM.  Ola and I were talking the other day, and he made a statement: “If you asked a hundred people on the street what Christmas meant to them, you would be hard pressed to find 2 or 3 that would say Jesus.”  I thought long about his statement, and Christmas has so many wonderful pieces in my heart, but they all boil down to Love! It is that Steadfast Love that I found when Jesus came into my heart as a teenager, and that same Steadfast Love that has stayed with me through all these years.  It is His Love that beckons, whispers, and woos my heart day and night.  Likewise, His Love propels Heart and Hands to stretch and reach, and give.  His love constrains us to go, to be available at odd hours, and to keep pressing into the Call of Christ to be all that He has ordained us to be!  It is His Love that makes Christmas so special in so many ways… and I pray that you discover, or rediscover some of those beautiful, even simplistic joys of the Christmas Season.  Savor the smiles around the table, the laughter, the sharing of hearts and homes.  Remember those in bonds and in danger for their Faith in Christ and say a prayer for them and give thanks that America is still the land of the free.  Revel in the contentment of not needing one more thing, but just being happy to be alive and experiencing the joy of family and freedom and HIS Presence.  My heart is so full and all of you are part of that fullness and reason for thanksgiving, for you are such a blessing.  Thank you!

Here now are Christmas Greetings and Love from abroad:

Rev. Olu in Nigeria
Hallelujah! We thank the Lord for the privilege given us to serve Him in the year 2012. Although we would love to do more than we could do, but nonetheless we are ever so honoured!  The challenge of missions in Africa, UK and elsewhere in the world is thickening daily and we are constrained to carry out the Great Commission! We daily count on the faithful One who called us into His service.   Thank you so much for your continual support for Heart & Hands Ministries' services across the globe. We appreciate and are encouraged by you all the time. Your labour shall not be lost. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year of abiding fruits in Jesus' name. Shalom!   IN HIS HOUSE,  Olufunso J. Omidiran,  Ibandan, Nigeria

Pastor Joshua in Nigeria
I wish all friends, sons and partners of Mama Nancy and all men of good will, PEACE at Christmas. May you experience ETERNAL WHOLENESS because of Christmas.  Pastor Joshua Nwokedi, Living Ambassadors Church and Ministry  Abuja,Nigeria

Bishop Sam Ocheja in Nigeria
The year 2012 is gradually winding to an end. We cannot but remember those who have specially touched our lives and ministry like Mama Nancy Minor and the entire Heart and Hands Ministry U.S.A. We wish you a peaceful, blessed and most fulfilling Christmas season.May you continue to be instruments of communicating God's grace and love to this dying world.  Thanks for your impact in our lives. We love you. Happy Christmas!  Bishop Sam D. Ocheja.  Spirit of Life Ministry and Green Pastures Assembly, Abuja Nigeria

Pastor Gordon, Uganda
 Hello and Greetings!   We are about to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God. He was born that we may be forgiven our sins and be reconciled with the God the Father of lights.  CHRISTMAS is a day that we celebrate and will want all people to celebrate. Yes, we are celebrating Christmas as remembrance that truly Christ was born and lived here on earth 2000 years ago. He lived as man and suffered all that we suffered so that He may redeem us.

I and my family wish to extend our love to the people out there that may you have a great Christmas season May it be a blessing to you.  May what God meant for humanity, be realized in your life in Jesus Name.  Truly, celebration means to rejoice and be happy. This season is to be a season of celebration and it’s my prayer that it will be good to you.  Million blessings.
 Yours Truly, Pastor Gordon Andera and Mrs Irene Andera, our children and the Fresh Oil Missions Church family in Kajjansi, Uganda

Dear mummy,  It's a great pleasure to wish all our friends and partners to have a great Christmas and a happy and joyful New year.  I thank you all for your heartfelt prayers and support for the work of the Lord in India.  May the Lord our God, bless you with all the blessings in the year to come.  Lord's, Titus & Family 
City of Madurai in Tamil Nadu, So. India

Dear Partners and believers, I want to greet all of you with the greatest Christmas Greetings with the Messianic Prophecy by Isaiah 9:6-7 [6] For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God 
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. [7] Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end. He will reign on David's throne and over his kingdom, establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever. ...

We are so much thank full to Father for sending  His Son Jesus to save us all from the darkness and eternal death and  bringing us into the Glory of the His Father through Him. For me in Pakistan the Christmas is the most powerful event as it really gives me the reason and excuse to speak to the people of Pakistan when they question me " What is Christmas" , "why do you Celebrate it" and " What unique thing happened at this time"  but it also gives me opportunity to ask my self why did Jesus came and become human being. And when I think of this question immediately I become conscious of all of my sins and sins of my forefathers upon me and their plenty upon my life. but Praise the Lord Jesus came to save not only me but to whole world through His eternal sacrifice and everlasting Love.  And I also remember the New commandemant Lord Jesus has given to us ""A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another (John 3:34)". So please spread His love and share His love and Blessing with each other and especially to the poor, hated, deprived ones.  God Bless you.  Brother S P, Pakistan

Pastor Ben in UGANDA
Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,
Blessings and Love from Kampala-Uganda.  May the Lord crown this year with great victories for all of you.  I pray for the joy of our salvation to be renewed.  Christmas is a time of thinking about How Much He loved and still loves us, therefore no matter what you are going thru, He loves you and He will grant you the desires of your hearts.  Merry Christmas for [to] all the WISE men and WOMEN who seek Him even today.  Joy to the world!!!.  Love Ben & family  Jesus Christian Centre and all her branches.

Pastor Ola from London
Christmas is a time of new beginnings, a time to stop pause and contemplate the wonderful package sent from heaven with a 
"special delivery'  label on it! The wrapping was ordinary, not so the gift, 
the gift was extraordinary in every way.  So many people miss the real Christmas gift because the wrapping looks ordinary, not flashy or extravagant.   It ’s not found in the bottom of a wine glass, or in that extra mince pie!  The “real” Christmas gift is found in the Presence of God; lingering that extra moment, “just because!”  Now that's a heaven sent gift!  
Christmas signifies many things!  One of those significant things is this; Access into His Presence because of the birth of God’s son!  That God would allow his beloved son to leave Heaven and step into time and all the  limitations that the human shell has, is as my teenage son calls it, "DEEP."  Steal yourself away this Christmas and linger in His Presence, "Just Because."  Christmas Greetings from Pastor Ola & Adele Oceans.    (AKA Mama's Children)

Merry Christmas!
Nancy, Tom and the Board


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Update on New Life Church in Minsk Dec 5th, 2012

I've received the following letter from one of the church leaders.  It is cause for jubilant celebration!

Dear friends,

We overflow with thanksgiving to the Lord for what He has done tonight in our midst!

This miracle has taken place during the corporate prayer of the whole New Life church family tonight in Minsk (evening of December 4, 2012).

A Supreme Economic Court officer called our administrator and told him that "...the court's executive production been stopped and no one is going to confiscate the church property".

Right after this call our church lawyer rushed to the Economic Court of Minsk at around 09.30 PM (!) Minsk time and that court officer lady was there waiting to give him 2 page-document stating that the "...government officials gave up on their decision to confiscate the church and the confiscation case has been closed and filed away at the Court's Archives".

We have these papers in our possession now!!!


But this does not mean yet that the Court's decision has been cancelled completely: the very decision that allowed the authorities back in 2009 to transfer the ownership rights of the church property. [ I think the writer is concerned that it can be resurrected against them in the future...]

But this does mean that nobody is going to carry out this decision and to confiscate our church property!

The Lord God intervened on our behalf!

Thank you so much for your support and decision to be on our side! We sensed we were not alone! Jesus is Lord!

You can follow our further news at our church' website:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Life Church Facing Persecution of Christians in Belarus

The Belarusian government has closed the doors to humanitarian aid and continues to harrass and threaten any church that is not part of the National Church that is approved by that government.

New Life Church in Minsk is one such church that has come under extreme fire because it preaches freedom in Christ!  The church has wonderful and effective programs addressing the climbing divorce rate, the long seated alcoholism rampant in the country, and other relevant issues.

Tom and I personally know people in Belarus and have visited this particular church, as well as others in the region. The government wants to shut down 
New Life Church and has given them a deadline of 11 am Wednesday Dec. 5th to vacate the premises.  They have even listed the beautiful brick building as a "Cow Barn" in public records in an effort to force them off their land!

You can read about the church here:

Please unite and stand with our brethren in prayer and support of their fundamental right to gather and worship Jesus Christ!

Write or fax respectful letters asking for intervention.  (See my letters below as a model. )
Send Letters to:

Mr. Oleg Kravchenko
Charge d'Affaires a.i. 

The Embassy of The Republic of Belarus
1619 New Hampshire Avenue, NW.
 Washington DC 20009

Tel: (202) 986-9420
Fax: (202) 986-1805

RE:  Religious Freedom to Gather and Worship

Dear Mr. Kravchenko,

I am writing you sir about a very urgent matter, involving religious freedom in Belarus.  There is even now, a situation in the beautiful city of Minsk for which I respectfully request your intervention.  I am referring to New Life Church located at 220119, Minsk, Kovaleva Street, 72.

As you live here, as a Diplomatic guest of our fair country, I know you can see the beauty of a free society that can gather at will to worship without fear of reprisal from the government.  I also know that Belarus has a long history with many struggles for its own independence and ability to be Sovereign, so you too must value freedom!

But, right now the basic tenets of freedom for New Life Church are being threatened.  I am sure there is some thing that you can do, being in a position of influence, to intervene and straighten out this terrible travesty.

New Life is made up of good Belarusian citizens who love God and love Belarus!  They only want to see the country improve and the lives of its citizens improve.  They work to this end by holding marriage seminars and offering all sorts of good programs to help the people be productive, sober participants of society.  The church has in times past been erroneously listed in public land documents as a “cow barn.” Now, this brick church has received a mandate to close its doors and hand over its keys tomorrow at 11 am!  They have broken no laws, and the building was legally purchased and paid for.

I implore you in the name of what is good and honest and humane, to act quickly and intervene on behalf of your citizens sir!  Belarus is a beautiful, noble land, filled with lovely people.  They deserve to be able to worship God in buildings they own, following the Bible and living quiet and peaceable lives.  Help Belarus move forward in its quest for freedom and not continue with repressive acts such as the country has experienced in its history.

Thank you for your prompt attention and kind response.

Nancy Minor

And my letter to Sec. Ms. Clinton:

Secretary of State
The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520
Fax: (202)-647-3344

RE: Belarusian Government Persecution of Christians

Dear Madam Secretary:

My writing you today is with great concern of a currently escalating matter in Belarus.  I beg your kindest attention please!  I am sure that you are aware of the ongoing tightening grip with less and less religious freedom that is happening under the current governmental leadership there.

I wish to bring your attention to a particular matter.  One of which I am personally acquainted, and know of first hand.  New Life Church in Minsk is a thriving, vibrant church whose land and building were legally purchased some time back.  As the Church has grown, it has made dynamic strides for the betterment of the people it touches. They hold marriage seminars, pastors and leadership training seminars and personal growth meetings as well as regular church services.   They preach freedom in Christ, which apparently is a threat to the sitting governmental authorities.  For their faith in Christ, and not for any political disturbances, they have been hounded, tailed, and regularly brought before the Magistrates and threatened!  Even humanitarian aid coming into the country has been forbidden to them and those doors closed!

The government has tried unjustly to seize their plot of land for many years now, and indeed, have the beautiful brick building listed as a “Cow Barn!”  I have been to this church and I assure you, it is no cow barn!  New Life Church has now been ordered to vacate the building (which is paid for), under threat of “the full power of the law.”  They have until 11 am tomorrow, Wednesday December 5th to comply.  Letters of appeal by the church leadership have been written and thus far ignored.  See website:

Madam Secretary Clinton, I know you are very busy, and also in transition yourself, but PLEASE do not let this go unnoticed!  I know you have helped in other precarious situations and have been very effective. I humbly ask you; “Please intervene! Let your voice and powers of persuasion be put to full use here, for the cause of Christ and on behalf of the peoples of Belarus.”  Thank you.
Nancy E. Minor

Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 2012

Dear Family and much Beloved of God,

 Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and love from Heart n Hands and around the world!  We love you and appreciate you so much!  We trust all of you are well, safe, warm and dry! The end of October found the East Coast reeling from its encounter with Hurricane Sandy. I can tell you I had phone calls and text and email messages from Uganda, London, Nigeria, Virginia, and Texas asking how we were up here.  Prayers and well wishes poured in from overseas!  It was quite humbling, and heart warming to know that despite all that is going on over there, they were tuned in to us here, and they were caring and praying for all of us!  Wow.

November is “The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.”  I have included a Prayer calendar for you to use. Please lift up our brethren! So many places indeed are under attack, especially from militant muslims!

We have a few reports to share with you and so here they are!


Mama, how are you and God's people in the U.S coping with the storm? We are standing in faith with you, Mama. 'There no plague come nigh thy dwelling.' I was revived when I read your post, “If I were the Devil.” Thanks for the post.  I am praying that God will give me wisdom to invest in souls so that even if my earthly possessions are destroyed by floods, bombs, storms, etc, I will have inheritance in heaven.  A little money can help me hold meetings in Africa where souls are hungry. So, I have made it my goal to reach Africa before it's too late for me!  Pray for me, Mama.   

(next email)

We thank God for keeping you and Papa safe through all these! To him be the glory. Mama, why I wrote [the above] is because here in Nigeria we have ongoing terrorist attacks on churches and property. We have had worst of flooding this year resulting in the destruction of thousands of houses and property. There are earthquakes, etc in divers places.  So, I realized that whatever we build here may be destroyed, but whatever I spend on souls will endure forever.  Buildings are necessary and am trying to have some, but souls are much more valuable.  I am praying for wisdom and direction to enable me invest in souls more than any other thing.  I need to value money expended on souls no matter how small.  I have had crusades in SA. My daughter, pastor Francinah, a physically challenged pastor, has just asked me to hold evangelistic meetings for her in Reikuils, So.Africa by January. But, I was not speaking of [just] SA but Africa as a whole. I am not also talking of crusades only but souls--winning and feeding souls.  More so, I have no place in mind, Mama, to go and get money for soul winning!  Although I am open to any means through which God may supply. I will always need supplies. I am just trying to have a paradigm shift in terms of use of money. I want to touch as many souls as possible before I become old or Christ returns, because the signs are telling me, we don't have much time left. That's why I said, “before it is too late.”  Hoping to hear from you Mama…


Dear Mummy, Happy greetings! Thank you very much for your phone call. I was encouraged. I greatly miss our regular chatting/text sessions.  I pray to get a working phone soon.  All our outreach programmes are going as usual without any halt or delay, but I am facing severe financial situations.  I am praying and believing God for a breakthrough.   Please agree with me in prayers.  I am expecting new doors to be opened soon for the gospel preaching.
In the meantime, I am planning to launch an exclusive prayer ministry - Harvest world prayer center. Prayer Evangelism. Through reaching youth, women, businessmen and general public. I have started to train prayer warriors to pray for the prayer requests to be received. Through follow up and further guidance we can lead them to the saving knowledge of God. I am preparing hand bills and flyers…  This has been a long time burden in my heart.
Harvest Academy, our Ministry training Institute is taking a new dimension. I am planning to launch short term courses - 45 days. Only day scholars.  And the pastors fellowship is growing here in Madurai.  We had 42 in attendance last month.  Instead of conducting the pastors fellowship in just this one single city, I really would like to travel to other cities also. One or two different cities every month, but this is yet to be finalised. 
November has come and we have started to plan for the Christmas... Do[can]we give dinner[again] to the children [want to do 450] and the widows [50] for this Christmas? We will need 27,000 Rupees [$530.00 or $1.10 ea person!] for this programme.  I expect great things from God in this Christmas Season, I mean salvations of many new souls...  Please pray for these various ministries and outreaches.  Lovingly, Titus 


Dear Mom  Greetings in His mighty name.  I am so happy to tell of my last outreach crusade held in a small village about 30 kilometers south of Lahore. We started this day as rainy day, so we canceled that meeting because it was raining all around our city and its villages. but then we received a call from pastor “Y” ( who is our local coordinator there) he told us that already many people have gathered there and are waiting for you even if it is raining little bit, so we re joined and connected to all of team members to come with in 15 min from where every they are. so all of our team member came and we started our travel at about 6:30 ( by the way it is the exact time when that meeting was schedule to start) so that place eas about 2 hours drive from us. so we were already 2 hours late. we loaded all of our equipments which we rented ( sound system, instruments) on our mini van and started traveling.  While we were half way to that place the devils attacked us , as the front tyres of our van got loose and our van started making zig-zags and was all over the road in a heavy traffic, all of us started praying as we were about to hit a heavy truck coming from front, but then suddenly the van got stop by an unseen force which is Holy Spirit. and Lord saved us for His glory and to reach others in Pakistan.

The meeting started at about 9 pm ( so late) and as I beging to preach the word of Lord, I realise that people were listening to me as they have seen some thing special, and listening the things they have never listen before. At the Alter call almost all of the crowd stood to accept Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savor and Lord. Lord spoke to some people through me and also there were 20 people who are ready to accept Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savor and Lord. One young person have received the baptism of Holy Spirit, Hallelujah.  Please always keep on praying for us all and for Pakistan field of harvest as we pray to Lord to send as many laborer to Pakistan from Abroad also. My next meeting would also be an open air crusade so please remember that in your special prayers. Looking forward to hear from you. Your son “P”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~(next email)~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have  returned from my Crusade, it really was wonderful and I have not seen [as]many testimonies of Healing in any of my meetings, Glory to Lord. We have collected lots of testimonies and people coming forward to tell people about their diseases and also were telling that these diseases have gone, and they are free. Hallelujah! Many Blessings. “P”

Ben and the JCC churches celebrated “A Day of Thanksgiving,” which they hold every year, the last Sunday in October.  It was a wonderful day of the saints coming together and sharing what they had.  Ben wrote to describe the day to me:

Mama the thanksgiving we had was a bible like thanksgiving, people brought gifts which we called sacrifice of thanks, and Gave to God.   This giving part was so anointed; we all knelt before the Lord and we gave Him all that each one purposed in His heart. The glory of the Lord was all over.
Among the things brought were 3 live goats and a sheep, Banana, watermelon, money, etc.
So to keep my motive of this day pure before men and before God, I gave away most of these things to the pastors whom we know and believe are serving God whole heartedly and they took them.  I don’t want to have the greed of organizing the thanksgiving just to get things which the people bring. No way! I just want this day to be a very honorable day, full of thanks and praises to God.

In addition, we are praising God, because of God’s provision in our personal affairs.  Generous was taken to the hospital seriously ill with malaria. He was on a round of medicines through I.V. drip over night. I spoke with Grace the next morning and she said he was very weak that morning.  She was not sure they would release him. We prayed and others of you prayed as well, and a mere 6 hours later, you couldn’t tell he was sick!  He was playing with his car and smiling happily when his Daddy came to pick him up!  Then God did another miracle and someone brought Ben the entire amount needed to pay the hospital bill! Praise God!!!  Update on their house: Money has come in for the roof and it is on!  Go God!  Doors and windows will be next!

Thank you for standing with us as we stand with the Nations to see ministers/ministries raised up for Christ and their lands won to the Lord.  Consider giving your own sacrifice of thanks this month to bless these  men of God and their ministries.  
   God Bless You.    Thank you!    Praise God!

All of us are wishing you a very wonderful, blessed, prosperous, Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sept/Oct.Newsletter 2012

Dear Family and much Beloved of God,

Greetings to all of you and love from Heart n Hands and around the world! I want to share some thoughts with you today, that I trust will encourage and strengthen you. I earnestly seek to have something worthwhile to bless you, not just fill up a page with words!

Last night I slept fitfully, aware of thunder in the distance, seemingly all night. I was not afraid, but could not fall into a deep enough sleep that I could no longer be awakened by it. Therefore, I was vaguely aware of its rumbling all night long. When I awoke this morning, the phrase, “thunder in the distance” kept running through my heart. I immediately thought of Paul Wilbur’s song, “The Shout of El Shaddai!” Now you have to understand, last night I prayed and asked God to speak to me. Sometimes God uses strange things to get our attention! God knocked Paul onto the ground flat on his backside and spoke to him out of a brilliant white light. Paul heard his voice, but the others with him only heard thunder, and scattered! They did not hear any discernible sound, because what God had to say was for Paul’s ears only. Once He had Paul’s attention, and his formerly misplaced allegiance, then He could speak into his ears and make Paul His mouthpiece for generations to come!

The enemy is like thunder in many ways. He tries to disturb and distract with lots of growling, threatening and menacing sounds. Sometimes using discernible words, well placed, to spark fear, doubt, feelings of rejection or just plain confusion, to say the least. Often his rumblings are so loud, that we have to strain to hear the voice of our Good Shepherd! But, if we will fix our eyes on Him, and tune our hearts to hear, He has promised that we WILL hear Him! This is no easy feat, for it takes practice in learning how to tune in to Him and tune out to the things around us. It always takes time with Him to learn the sound of His voice. And just like your voice has it’s own inflection and intonation and you use pet names and phrases with those that are dear to you, so too our loving Jesus calls us by name, not only our own name, but often names of endearment He has chosen for Himself to call you by!

And when the enemy roars, we need to praise Our God all the louder and longer! We need to dance foolishly before Him, ignoring the enemy’s threats and obnoxious voice. We need to hear the Lion of Judah Roar! I pray that you hear His roar of protection and song of delight over you this day! Amen.

Can you hear it?
Thunder in the distance?
When We worship the Lion of Judah roars!

Strong holds crumble
all around us
In the presence of our Lord

There'll be vic'try in the camp
At the shout of El Shaddai
Every enemy will flee from the fire in His eyes

Every captive will be freed in this year of Jubilee
When we hear
the shout of El Shaddai
In your Name
Powers of darkness tremble
Jericho tumbles to the ground

In your Name
chains of death are broken
Lord of Hosts,
Pour your power out!

We have overcome by the Name and the Blood
Of the Lamb of God

Every wall must fall, every knee must bow
To the Lord of all

In your name
every curse is broken
Sin and death
underneath your feet

In your Name
We will bow before You
Every tribe and tongue will sing

We have overcome by the Name and the Blood
Of the Lamb of God

Every wall must fall, every knee must bow
To the Lord of all
There'll be vic'try in the camp
At the shout of El Shaddai
Every enemy will flee from the fire in His eyes

Every captive will be freed in this year of Jubilee
When we hear the shout of El Shaddai

Can you hear it?
Thunder in the distance?...

Dear Mummy,
Happy greetings. The pastors meeting on 17th was so marvellous, all the attendees including myself were greatly blessed by Pastor Benjamin's sermon. And for your information, next month the pastors meeting is scheduled to be conducted in the first wk of October, that is on 4th. Please make note of our office address in Chennai This is a rented facility where I stay when I visit Chennai and also a young volunteer is staying here on a permanent basis, he assists me a lot in the ministry in Chennai. Last month we did two outreaches, 22 people got saved. Soon we will move the Madurai church to a better facility. Please pray for God's favor for this. Anita and kids conveys their greetings to you and Dad. Lovingly, Your son.
»¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤«
I have had a couple of notes from Ben, I’ll condense them into 1 quick note for you.

Greetings and Love!!!!. MAMA, AM SO GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING, MY LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN! GRACE WAS SO EXCITED ABT ALL THE GIFTS… SHE SENDS MANY THANKS TO ALL. WE HAD A GREAT SUNDAY SERVICE, OH THE GLORY WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!! Thank you for your continued love, prayers, and standing with us as we walk out God’s Will day by day. Sending my Love to all…
»¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤« »¤«
It was so wonderful having him here. The love that you lavished on him while he was here deeply touched his heart and mine too. Thank you so much!
In fact, there were too many lovely things to put into his suitcases, even though there were now 3 of them! (He came with only 1!) I will be shipping the remaining gifts/clothes over, via a freight company from NY. Trust me, I have checked out ALL angles for shipping, this is the most cost effective! However, I need a minimum of 220 lbs. We have a little over half that. So, I have an idea that will make for a huge blessing to Ben and the church. Let’s do an old-fashioned can drive! But instead of cans, buy 1-2 lbs pkg. of RICE, and dried BEANS (PINTO, NAVY, WHITE, and LIMA- (BUT NO RED BEANS because if these are not fully cooked they can actually be poisonous to our system.) and jars or tins of CRUNCHY Peanut Butter. In addition, with each food donation please add $5 per pound to help me ship them. (Alternatively, send me the money and I will shop for you if you are far from me.) Please, limit it to only these categories, because their cooking/storage conditions are limited and they have NO refrigeration! I will put the rice and beans into large sq. cookie tins, (or you can) so that the rats cannot get to the food. They will pack easily also. I am so excited about this!

I have spoken to him since his return, and there was noise in the background, so I asked him, “Where are you?” He told me he was at the garage with the church van for repairs at that moment. He also shared that someone had broken into the house since he was back and stolen a cell phone belonging to one of the girls who stay with them. (Thank God, that was all and no one was hurt!) He has requested, can I send sturdy padlocks to secure the gate to the property and the back door, and then the front door when they go out. He also reported that someone has donated timber to begin putting the beams on the roof of their uncompleted house! Praise God! Windows, doors and tin sheets for the roof-we call you to come forth also, in the Name of Jesus!

While he was here, he preached a message in Newark, De. about “The Four Levels of Your Dreams.” It was excellent! I will make it available to any who want it. Simply call, text or write me and let me know!

Pastor John Erick has also texted me to say thieves broke into his house while he and the children slept. He awoke and shouted, which scared them off, but they stole a car battery he used to run the sound equipment for church. They tried to take the Ministry computer, but were not successful. He requested used children’s clothes size 6x-8 girls and boys size 7-10. I can ship with Ben’s things and then Ben can take them and some food into Kenya his next trip over to check on the Branch churches. Please pray for the safety of these families!

We love you and appreciate you so much! Thank you for standing with us as we stand with the Nations to see their leaders raised up for Christ and their lands won to the Lord. God Bless You.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August News 2012

Dear Family and much Beloved of God,

Greetings to all of you and love from Heart n Hands and around the world! I want to share some thoughts with you today, that I trust will encourage and strengthen you.

I was reminded of this song recently and I got to thinking about it…
I give myself away, I give myself away, So You can use me…my life is not my own to You I belong, I give myself away, I give myself, I give myself to You

Give and it shall be given – we hear that all the time in regards to money… but it is a much broader principal. God so loved that He gave… the motivation was love, and to get what He loved! He gave so He could get. What was He looking to get? He was looking to get us! He was giving His son, to get back a lost relationship. To get back His most prized possession, His sons and daughters, His creation that He created, for Himself to be able have a relationship with each of us! He “gave” to get you and to get me. Pretty mind blowing isn’t it? He gave Himself away, so that He could get us back again. And once He had us, to put us in a position to be used by Him, as an extension of Himself to the rest of the world!

I thought about when a father walks his daughter down aisle to “give her away.” What is he giving away? He is giving the girl he has cherished and looked after, the one he has protected and nurtured and watched grow and blossom into a young capable woman with thoughts and ideas, and giftings of her own. Someone, who is “of himself” but not exactly like himself. Moreover, he is now giving her to another man to love, cherish, protect and encourage. How hard that must be for a Dad to do!

Now think about this, this Father God, He gave his only begotten Son, who is part of the Godhead. He gave Him away to the world, so that He could regain all that had been lost in the Garden of Eden. What was lost? The love relationship that had been forged in trust and innocence, and intimacy with God. If you ever get the chance, read the Book, “The Divine Romance” by Gene Edwards. Wow! What a love story that is unlike any other, and it is all about God loving us! So God gave His Son, to get back many sons and daughters… there it is, the multiplication factor! Give and it shall be given, pressed down, shaken together and running over! Men now give their hearts to God and receive Him as their Lord. God gets what He has longed for, and we get all that He has for us!

But wait! There’s more! Then, this same God, this same Father, will one day walk His “Daughter” the Church, “down the aisle” and give her to His Son at the marriage feast of the Lamb. It’s almost too much to wrap your mind around, unless you are thinking with a renewed mind that’s been washed with the water of the Word. How Glorious is our God! How Mighty and Wonderful is He! And what a privilege to lead someone to Christ! To be co-laborers with Him, in this very operation of Love! I just had an excited phone call from a dear friend. She had just led a little 8-year-old boy to the Lord. How happy Father must be at her joy and excitement, and also that this little one is now safely back where he belongs!

There are people everywhere to need to know how much God loves them and that Jesus has already paid the price to buy them out of slavery, and darkness. You may never set foot on foreign soil, but take the soil where you feet now trod and commit that place and those people to God and be diligent to share with those around you!

We are endeavoring to continue doing this in our call to the Nations, by working with those God has given to us in different nations. We are so blessed to have relationships with these men of God who are laboring to bring in the Harvest. What joy it brings to be co-laborers together for the Cause of Christ!

Here then, are the reports I’ve received from Pastors Titus, Olu and Benjamin.

Pastor Benjamin reports: We had a very exciting time at Palisa. Over 100 responded to the [altar] call, many were healed, including 2 ladies who could barely walk. You asked about the crusade team. Our crusade team-we always travel 14 people altogether. We rotate some in for those who cannot go every time.

Pastor Titus continues with the pastor’s fellowships and we are excited with all the doors of opportunity that are opened before us! He wrote this update:

Dear Mummy, Greetings in the Name of the Lord. God moved mightily in the Pastor's meetings. And also, God has opened doors to preach in 4 different pastors fellowships in 4 different cities. Last month we reached 7 villages and has 28 salvations. Due to financial reasons I have postponed the launching of church in Chennai, but our office and other ministry will continue as usual in Chennai. Please pray, that we may enter into the door of opportunity that the Lord has opened in Chennai. The Lord continues to guide us and working great things in and through the ministry in India. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Lord's, Titus Ananda Kumar

Rev. Olu is in UK. He sent this exhortation and update.
I once heard a broadcaster say "the British weather is notoriously unpredictable" and that happens to be true indeed! But I am seriously bothered today when I see that supposed 'Christian' brothers or sisters are also unpredictable in such a notorious way! A true disciple of Christ should be somewhat predictable in the sense that you can always be sure of where they stand or where to meet them when the chips are down. It's quite incredible in our days that integrity, honesty, truthfulness and consistency are becoming more and more scarce among those who profess to be Christians. Isn't this a shame?

To God be the glory, great things He hath done. For much of the second quarter of the year 2012 I have been seeking the Lord's face concerning the work I have, both in Africa and the UK mission fields and I have been somewhat 'incommunicado' as it may seem; but the Lord has been showing us things and giving us new directions concerning the work on the field. Presently, I've been back in the UK since Friday 27th July and spending much of August ministering in different parts of England. Interestingly, some friends thought I came for the Olympics, but I've actually been "An Holy Pick" for a great assignment. Please, keep me in your prayers. I love you all.
-Olufunso Joseph Omidiran

Remember our other exciting news about Pastor Benjamin having just been given a house? I now have more details and pictures! The man was building and felt led to give the property and land to Pastor Benjamin. The house is a shell, not yet completed. It needs the inside finished, a roof put on, and doors and windows. Please pray for them to receive the money to finish this up, so they will be able to stop paying rent which keeps going up. We praise God for His kindness and lavish love!!!

In addition, Pastor Benjamin is in the final frenzy of activity, preparing to come to America for his very FIRST visit! He arrives August 9th.

God is so AWESOME and causes us to do valiantly. We praise Him for the privilege and joy of doing His Will amongst the nations. Hallelujah! Glory to His name forever. Amen.

Thank you for your continued love, prayers, and standing with us as we walk out God’s Will day by day.
We love you!


Nancy, Tom and the Board of Directors