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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August News 2012

Dear Family and much Beloved of God,

Greetings to all of you and love from Heart n Hands and around the world! I want to share some thoughts with you today, that I trust will encourage and strengthen you.

I was reminded of this song recently and I got to thinking about it…
I give myself away, I give myself away, So You can use me…my life is not my own to You I belong, I give myself away, I give myself, I give myself to You

Give and it shall be given – we hear that all the time in regards to money… but it is a much broader principal. God so loved that He gave… the motivation was love, and to get what He loved! He gave so He could get. What was He looking to get? He was looking to get us! He was giving His son, to get back a lost relationship. To get back His most prized possession, His sons and daughters, His creation that He created, for Himself to be able have a relationship with each of us! He “gave” to get you and to get me. Pretty mind blowing isn’t it? He gave Himself away, so that He could get us back again. And once He had us, to put us in a position to be used by Him, as an extension of Himself to the rest of the world!

I thought about when a father walks his daughter down aisle to “give her away.” What is he giving away? He is giving the girl he has cherished and looked after, the one he has protected and nurtured and watched grow and blossom into a young capable woman with thoughts and ideas, and giftings of her own. Someone, who is “of himself” but not exactly like himself. Moreover, he is now giving her to another man to love, cherish, protect and encourage. How hard that must be for a Dad to do!

Now think about this, this Father God, He gave his only begotten Son, who is part of the Godhead. He gave Him away to the world, so that He could regain all that had been lost in the Garden of Eden. What was lost? The love relationship that had been forged in trust and innocence, and intimacy with God. If you ever get the chance, read the Book, “The Divine Romance” by Gene Edwards. Wow! What a love story that is unlike any other, and it is all about God loving us! So God gave His Son, to get back many sons and daughters… there it is, the multiplication factor! Give and it shall be given, pressed down, shaken together and running over! Men now give their hearts to God and receive Him as their Lord. God gets what He has longed for, and we get all that He has for us!

But wait! There’s more! Then, this same God, this same Father, will one day walk His “Daughter” the Church, “down the aisle” and give her to His Son at the marriage feast of the Lamb. It’s almost too much to wrap your mind around, unless you are thinking with a renewed mind that’s been washed with the water of the Word. How Glorious is our God! How Mighty and Wonderful is He! And what a privilege to lead someone to Christ! To be co-laborers with Him, in this very operation of Love! I just had an excited phone call from a dear friend. She had just led a little 8-year-old boy to the Lord. How happy Father must be at her joy and excitement, and also that this little one is now safely back where he belongs!

There are people everywhere to need to know how much God loves them and that Jesus has already paid the price to buy them out of slavery, and darkness. You may never set foot on foreign soil, but take the soil where you feet now trod and commit that place and those people to God and be diligent to share with those around you!

We are endeavoring to continue doing this in our call to the Nations, by working with those God has given to us in different nations. We are so blessed to have relationships with these men of God who are laboring to bring in the Harvest. What joy it brings to be co-laborers together for the Cause of Christ!

Here then, are the reports I’ve received from Pastors Titus, Olu and Benjamin.

Pastor Benjamin reports: We had a very exciting time at Palisa. Over 100 responded to the [altar] call, many were healed, including 2 ladies who could barely walk. You asked about the crusade team. Our crusade team-we always travel 14 people altogether. We rotate some in for those who cannot go every time.

Pastor Titus continues with the pastor’s fellowships and we are excited with all the doors of opportunity that are opened before us! He wrote this update:

Dear Mummy, Greetings in the Name of the Lord. God moved mightily in the Pastor's meetings. And also, God has opened doors to preach in 4 different pastors fellowships in 4 different cities. Last month we reached 7 villages and has 28 salvations. Due to financial reasons I have postponed the launching of church in Chennai, but our office and other ministry will continue as usual in Chennai. Please pray, that we may enter into the door of opportunity that the Lord has opened in Chennai. The Lord continues to guide us and working great things in and through the ministry in India. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Lord's, Titus Ananda Kumar

Rev. Olu is in UK. He sent this exhortation and update.
I once heard a broadcaster say "the British weather is notoriously unpredictable" and that happens to be true indeed! But I am seriously bothered today when I see that supposed 'Christian' brothers or sisters are also unpredictable in such a notorious way! A true disciple of Christ should be somewhat predictable in the sense that you can always be sure of where they stand or where to meet them when the chips are down. It's quite incredible in our days that integrity, honesty, truthfulness and consistency are becoming more and more scarce among those who profess to be Christians. Isn't this a shame?

To God be the glory, great things He hath done. For much of the second quarter of the year 2012 I have been seeking the Lord's face concerning the work I have, both in Africa and the UK mission fields and I have been somewhat 'incommunicado' as it may seem; but the Lord has been showing us things and giving us new directions concerning the work on the field. Presently, I've been back in the UK since Friday 27th July and spending much of August ministering in different parts of England. Interestingly, some friends thought I came for the Olympics, but I've actually been "An Holy Pick" for a great assignment. Please, keep me in your prayers. I love you all.
-Olufunso Joseph Omidiran

Remember our other exciting news about Pastor Benjamin having just been given a house? I now have more details and pictures! The man was building and felt led to give the property and land to Pastor Benjamin. The house is a shell, not yet completed. It needs the inside finished, a roof put on, and doors and windows. Please pray for them to receive the money to finish this up, so they will be able to stop paying rent which keeps going up. We praise God for His kindness and lavish love!!!

In addition, Pastor Benjamin is in the final frenzy of activity, preparing to come to America for his very FIRST visit! He arrives August 9th.

God is so AWESOME and causes us to do valiantly. We praise Him for the privilege and joy of doing His Will amongst the nations. Hallelujah! Glory to His name forever. Amen.

Thank you for your continued love, prayers, and standing with us as we walk out God’s Will day by day.
We love you!


Nancy, Tom and the Board of Directors