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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feb 2012 News and Love

Dear Friends,
   It is so good to sit down to write to you!  I really ponder and ask God to give me something that will bless you and be worthwhile for you to read, instead of just recycling someone else’s messages ( unless they are really good and fit in with what God had put on my heart!) Some of you have called or written to say how much you enjoy reading the newsletters, and I appreciate your notes of love! I take a lot of time to write them; because it is one little way, I can bless you…
   I will tell you a secret about me. As a child, I would sit at my grandfather’s desk and write letters to all my distant relatives-the aunts and uncles and cousins.  At home, I always wanted to go to the mailbox and check for the mail, and if there was something in there for me, that was the highlight of my day.  I loved getting letters! I still do! 
   Recently I got letters from Pastor Ben’s 3 eldest, Gabby who is 8 ½, Anointed who is 7 and Honour who is 5! Gabby told me how much he missed me and drew me dinosaurs on the page with his letter. Anointed was very serious and invoked blessing from Jesus upon me! In addition, Honour wrote (I think with the help of Anointed) a very sweet letter with an anteater and a funny creature that was a cross between a goat and a dog with a beard! J I chuckle and smile every time I think about the letters.  They were all filled with love.
   Jesus wrote us a love letter too. It first started to be written in His heart before the foundations of the world and was present in the creation of the Garden of Eden.  He shared bits and pieces with writers of old who were close to Him. Then, finally He had to come Himself to proclaim it and write it boldly in a color that none could overlook or ever forget: RED.  BLOOD RED.    “I love you, I love you. That's what Calvary said; I love you, I love you.  I love you, Written in Red.”  (Song Lyrics are by Gordon Jensen.) 
   No matter how hard our circumstances, no matter how dry of a desert you feel you are passing through, His Love is a constant, a given.  Even if you don’t feel His Love, it is there, and HE is with you, loving you, singing over you with joy. Sometimes we need to just re-adjust where and what we are looking at, as troubles seem to be ever increasing.  God’s word reminds us, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, BUT the LORD delivers him out of them all.” Psalm 34:19.  He is our Rock, our Shelter, and our High Tower, where we can run in and be saved. He is our wisdom and will show us the way, if we but ask and wait on Him.  Our God is able! He WILL see us through.  Though times may be hard in many ways, He always causes us to triumph and makes us conquerors, not victims. Listen for His humming- His song, and look for His love notes He puts along your path!
We in America have such a rich heritage of years of the Gospel of His Love being shown to us. Moreover, we have sown the gospel to many lands in the past.  We must not let up now!  The fields ARE white unto harvest in so many places.  Together we can sow so that they can KNOW HIS LOVE!
   In India, I am sowing the Word, through written messages, into the pastor’s lives at the Ministers Fellowships that Pastor Titus has begun.  This month will be our 5th meeting.  We are so excited!  Titus has asked for prayers.  The ministers’ meeting is on Feb. 8th in Madurai, then a youth conference is scheduled in Ottanchatram for Feb. 11th, and then there will be a 3-DAY EVANGELISTIC CRUSADE on the 16th, 17th, and 18th in a place named Pallur!   Please pray for these meetings, and all those attending them.  End of January through March is the time of ancient ritualistic weddings in the Hindu culture. Girls of the ages 6-9 years old, are dressed in rich finery and married to the Hindu god Vishnu- the “god of protection.” Also, every morning in all the schools, mantras and prayers are said by all school children.  No wonder Hinduism is so deeply rooted and ingrained in each successive generation!  The preaching of the Gospel in India is often done at great personal peril. Please remember Titus and his ministry in your prayers!
   Please help us to reap the harvest while we can. Currently crusades cost approximately $465.00 for three days, but will reach many surrounding villages from just 1 location.  Ministers’ fellowships cost about $165 for him to travel to the various cities and to print out my messages for them to take home, food for the fellowship and any incidentals. Titus has invitations from places he has never even been to before!  All the ministers are looking for help in outreach and networking to be able to do so.  Titus is a gifted speaker and fiery evangelist in his own right… Please, help him to do what God has called him to do! (As the Lord leads you.) Thank you so much!  These new places will serve as jumping off points of networking for additional crusades.  I can barely contain my excitement and I hope you can feel the stir in the Spirit as well, over what God is doing! Glory to God! 
   Will you also pray along with us for the finances necessary to host these and other crusades in various places and Ministers Meetings in many, many cities?  We have a 5-point outreach program we are implementing in India: Youth, Crusades, Ministers Meetings, Bible School and Church Planting.  This will be our focus and our thrust there as never before.  God is moving and the Spirit is hot over India!  The number 5 represents God’s Grace, and by His Grace, together we WILL reap countless souls for the Kingdom.  Thank you for your prayers.  India shall be saved!
   Oh, and by the way, my blog “His Heart My Home,” has a readership of at least 53 countries and page views last month totaled 898!  God’s expansion of my borders is incredible and humbling.  Please continue to pray for us!  We love you and appreciate you.  Thank you for partnering with us.
Nancy, Tom and the Board of Directors

Address for Donations:
P.O.Box 121
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