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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Great News! Jan Newsletter

The year of
Exploring God’s Greatness,
Discovering His Goodness, And seeing
the miraculous Through intimacy with him!

This is what God has spoken to my heart. Along with the Prophetic Word I released New Years Eve. You can read it here:   
This is what we can expect and what we should pursue and make our Goal for 2014.   No matter how much we already know, have already seen and experienced, there is SO MUCH MORE in God to find out!  We have only scratched the surface.  Let’s dig deeper, go higher, plunge further into the river with abandon and allow that stream and flow of Holy Spirit to take us where we’ve never been before!  2014 holds so much more in store for all of us.  Let’s explore and discover more of God’s Grace and Goodness and Glory together!  Amen.

Happy New Year!

In November, I bought a planner for 2014.  It was an act of Faith and Confident Expectation of His Plans for me in 2014.   As I write this newsletter, I am excited to tell you there are 4 conventions being planned that want to host me as a key speaker in 2014! Besides these, there are trips back to Nigeria, and visits to Uganda and Rwanda being planned.

Here is my tentative schedule thus far:

April 2nd Leadership conference in Kenya.  Side visits to Rwanda and significant time spent in Uganda visiting 
branch churches. (Probably in March, just before the Conference.)  Further dates and details are still pending.

July-Aug. South African Leadership Conference with a few other speaking engagements thrown in.    
Dates are being finalized.

Oct. Germany!  Leadership Conference hosted by Bishop Fred Kehinde. Dates pending.

Convention in Abuja, Nigeria, hosted by Bishop-Elect John Koledoye. Dates pending.

Other meetings requested in NigeriaAbuja,(5 other churches), Uyo, Pastor Ibanga Essien, nearby is also Apostle Stanley with a new work started. Idah, Rev. Ocheje my host has 40 churches he wishes me to visit!

No visas are needed for Rwanda, So. Af. (SAF) or Germany.  I already possess a 2 yr. visa from Nigeria, so I only need Ugandan Visa and Kenyan thus far for 2014.

God is setting things into place! Little did I comprehend the scope of things back in 1986 when I received a packet of greeting cards and on the back of one was a quote that said: “Only God knows how He will touch the world using my hands.” That became my own faith confession and look at how it has blossomed!  And by your partnership with me, you are also touching the world!  Did you ever imagine or dream you’d be sending someone to Africa on your behalf?  God did! And I am so sure He is smiling at our exuberant delight in all that He is doing!

Thank you so very much for your PRAYERS, for your LOVE, and for your generous SUPPORT.  Without them, and GOD, I can do nothing. But together we can do something marvelous! Amen!

I am now on twitter!  Here is one of the tweets God gave me the other day: “TIME: Treasures served up in Incremental Moments of your Existence. How do you spend, use, invest, and value your TIME? Is it God centered?”  
 May we make every moment of 2014 count for God!  May 2014 be more than your ever expected because you belong to a GOD who is ‘more than!”  God Bless you all and a Very Happy New Year from Tom and me.

Lots of Love, 
Nancy and Tom

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