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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Update on New Life Church in Minsk Dec 5th, 2012

I've received the following letter from one of the church leaders.  It is cause for jubilant celebration!

Dear friends,

We overflow with thanksgiving to the Lord for what He has done tonight in our midst!

This miracle has taken place during the corporate prayer of the whole New Life church family tonight in Minsk (evening of December 4, 2012).

A Supreme Economic Court officer called our administrator and told him that "...the court's executive production been stopped and no one is going to confiscate the church property".

Right after this call our church lawyer rushed to the Economic Court of Minsk at around 09.30 PM (!) Minsk time and that court officer lady was there waiting to give him 2 page-document stating that the "...government officials gave up on their decision to confiscate the church and the confiscation case has been closed and filed away at the Court's Archives".

We have these papers in our possession now!!!


But this does not mean yet that the Court's decision has been cancelled completely: the very decision that allowed the authorities back in 2009 to transfer the ownership rights of the church property. [ I think the writer is concerned that it can be resurrected against them in the future...]

But this does mean that nobody is going to carry out this decision and to confiscate our church property!

The Lord God intervened on our behalf!

Thank you so much for your support and decision to be on our side! We sensed we were not alone! Jesus is Lord!

You can follow our further news at our church' website:

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